View Full Version : Next Dojo Race Date?

2010.10.17, 11:40 AM
Guys, I thought we'd established the next race as 10/23 after we had finished racing last night, but then after track tear-down, a bunch of people said that didn't work for them? Reminder that 10/30 is not an option due to the space already being reserved for something else that night. So, should we just hold off til next month? Which I guess has to be 13th/27th based on Washtenaw dates? :confused::)

2010.10.17, 06:21 PM
I could make the 23rd but I also have something going that night (but I can leave freely to make Mini-Z if it does happen).

November 13 works, 27 works for me but it's Thanksgiving weekend (which is no big deal for me but it might be for others) AND it's the Michigan at OSU game (and if it's a night game I wont be showing up until after it's done lol). So I suppose we'll see.

2010.10.17, 11:05 PM
I should be able to make the 13th. I'll check on the 27th. I may even have my crap repaired by then...

2010.10.18, 12:55 PM
50/50 for the 23rd
100/0 for the 13th
50/50 for the 27th(thanksgiving weekend)

2010.10.21, 02:46 PM
I can make any of these, just please SMS me the night before! Might bring a guest who didn't know they race Mini-Z around here too.

2010.10.22, 08:10 AM
Who else wants to race? If we can get 6 people that are for sure coming to post to this thread by 8pm today, it's on. :)

2010.10.22, 10:11 AM
I can't make it tomorrow.

In November:
13th (75% likely open)
27th (75% likely open)

Although I can't 100% commit to exact dates I do believe scheduling dates in advance is the best.


2010.10.22, 10:25 AM
I think Dan, Will and Derrick went to iHE, didn't they? So, with Jerry at 50/50 and Lawrence already having something else that this w/b taking away from, it sounds like we may as well give tomorrow a miss, and call the next race as 11/13 now?

Btw, we have been planning around Washtenaw dates, but, how many people are actually running there this year? I know Jason is, and I assume Carlos is, but, anyone else? Jerry? If it's only 2 people out of the dozen or so regulars, then, maybe we don't have to worry that much about conflicting dates?

Also, how about going down to just once a month, since we've had so many issues w/ scheduling lately?

2010.10.22, 10:38 AM
I don't run at Washtenaw.

Late Nov and Dec are big holiday and family months so it may end up being once a month for the next couple months if we try to co-ordinate with everyones schedules. But I like racing twice a month when possible.

And whether we go once or twice a month I like racing as many races as possible. I liked how we ran 3 races last time. And I'm hoping we get back to racing F1 at some point.


2010.10.22, 10:44 AM
Coo; so, the 13th is official - everyone please chime in RE 27th, and if you are running Washtenaw this year. :)

2010.11.15, 10:06 AM
We racing on the 27th?

Post people damn you :D

2010.11.16, 08:15 PM
I'll be there on the 27th. Woohoo!


2010.11.16, 11:21 PM
27th sounds good. I may even have another guest looking to get into racing.

2010.11.21, 12:35 AM
27th sounds good. I may even have another guest looking to get into racing.

Ooooohhh, fresh blood.

Any more for the 27th? Who *can't* make it?

2010.11.23, 08:30 AM
It's on (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35425)! Hoping for another big turnout! :)

2010.11.23, 03:50 PM
I unfortunately won't be able to make it to this one as I'll be out of town :(

However, I am picking up my rig tonight and really looking forward to the next race after this one! Hopefully it'll be scheduled before I'm out of town again for xmas :P