View Full Version : Heat Sinks for 130 sized motors, from Mini-Z, Helicopters, anything...

2010.10.20, 07:05 AM
Anyone know off hand some heat sinks that will fit a 130 motor?
I am looking for the kind that are often snapped onto heli motors, but I need to look through them for a shape that will fit my use in a slot car.

The motor runs flat, with the shaft front to back, I need the sink fins to be on either side of the motor and not stick upwards... or it will interfer with body/interior of the car.

I am hopeing such an animal exists, from a heli or something were the parts are old and sitting around, so I can get them cheap...

2010.10.20, 07:38 AM
can you hack processor heat sinks? there has to be an off the shelf application that you can modify to meet your needs.

2010.10.20, 08:13 AM
Check out some of the units made for the X-ray M18. The motor bolts through them. I believe that the 130 and 180 motors share a common bolt spread. Worth checking.

2010.10.20, 11:38 AM
I think I saw one of those especific for a 130 motor but can't remember where it came from, I might ask around and see what comes up.
Could you tell me exactly what you intend to do? :confused:
I might even help you better, if you wish to keep it secret you can pm me too. ;)
Good luck with the quest. :D

2010.10.20, 02:14 PM
GPM used to make 130-specific heat sinks for Mini-Z applications, and at least some of them were snap-on. Might want to check some older Mini-Z or Xmod shops to see if they still carry some stock.

2010.10.20, 02:15 PM
I need something like this.


It cannot be longer, taller, or wider than this... there is no room to get to either end of the motor, since that is being used to snap the motor into the slot car...

I may just have them custom made... and sell enough off to pay for my own...

Then at the same time I am thinking the heat sink will not even help, since it will be trapped inside the car and will not have much air flow over it... (removing body parts is not an option).

2010.10.20, 02:16 PM
I think that those were for RM mounts, and snapped onto the mount, not the motor.

Check out ramsinks for computers. They are small, and you can shape them to fit the motor/application as needed. Although, you may have to use a thermal adhesive to bond them to the motor. http://www.svc.com/voltage-regulator-cooling.html is a good place to look.

2010.10.21, 12:56 AM
I just found this one on EGR... dont know if it will be useful


2010.10.21, 02:13 AM
I think that those were for RM mounts, and snapped onto the mount, not the motor.
i'm with emu on this one... i had one, and although it was aluminum, you still hade to use the proper plastic spacers... which i guess would not properly dissipate heat as much as aluminum...

i remember a heat sink for the rc18t esc... don't know if that'll work...

googled and found this...
from this site (http://www.tme.eu/en/katalog/semiconductors-accessories_21/?id_producer=261#id_category%3D21%26id_producer%3D 261%26)

hope it helps

2010.10.21, 03:42 AM

That's the one I saw before, I'm positive.
Thanks EMU.

2010.10.21, 12:50 PM
it has to fit on this motor... within a chassis similar to this... the only space is to the sides of the motor... cannot be on top or below, since there are other car parts there...


2010.10.23, 01:54 AM
Too easy. Neve really gave it much thought though. Just find some copper heat sinks for computer ram or just a copper heatsink kit. Specifically copper since it will be easier to solder too. Just solder the heatsink to the motor. I think air flow would be much more efficient than a heat sink but either or both will do.

If you find the heat sink fins to be too long just cut them with a dremel or use a metal file and file to shape. This sounds like a fun project. Keep us posted and remember to post up pics!


2010.10.23, 03:36 PM
The sinks that byebye posted a pic of are exactly what I've used for custom stuff in the past - really easy to work with since you can easily Dremel off fins etc. Great idea RE soldering too! :)

2010.10.23, 07:15 PM
I might try them... I might be able to bend it to fit the wall of the motor can and solder it on... hmm...

Sources? Dimensions?

I have to do this to 10-20 cars, possibly more. Which is why I was hopeing to just snap a sink on each motor ;)
Snapping one on, would also make it easier to transfer to another motor when a motor over heats fries or shorts... or just slows down compared to the rest of the cars.

This is why I have multiple cars to do: http://www.SlotCarRental.com , my site ;)

2010.10.24, 01:57 AM
I think I bought the heatsinks as a kit from newegg. It would take a lot of time to do all those cars. They are come with an adhesive backing so you could just stick them on though I don't know if they could handle the cornering force or impacts. Soldering them on would be key or using an heat transfering epoxy might work.