View Full Version : oct 30 HFAY s10 race

2010.10.20, 11:50 AM
Saterday Oct. 30
This will be HFAY season 10 races 7/8. Time 1:30 start. practice open at 11:30 AM LETS RUN 1-2 qualifers and a main in each direction. 1 hour practice break between directions.

3770 silver springs road cumming ga 30041
James Creek subdivision turn Right onto Crowchild. which is away from the Ashton woods model home off melody mizer lane. ~ 1 mile south of HWY 20 off windimere parkway.

HFAY racer class Kyosho MR02/03 with 70turn motors PN/HFAY both OK.
price $free

The Lap timer is I lap with giro Z connectors with rc scoring pro trial version keeping the score. 8 minute Qualifiers with 8 minute mains w stagger starts.
Open practice will be timed for tuning.
I will provide the velcro and giroz plug for the transponders.

2010.10.20, 11:55 AM
What time would work for you 10 1 or something other.

Is anyone else gonna come out of the wodwork for a race?
This layout is fast for a HFAY track.

2010.10.20, 11:54 PM
I just made an offer for the f1 sp2 in the market place here, would I be able to race that?

2010.10.21, 09:07 AM
We can always run f1. I will change the steering pot on mine and unshelf queen it. We use to race f1 most races 2 years ago when the races were at patricks house.

2010.10.21, 12:13 PM
I just made an offer for the f1 sp2 in the market place here, would I be able to race that?

I have one that I planned on running, but haven't had time to go and race it. You can buy mine if you want! Just let me know:D

2010.10.22, 07:57 AM
I've got an F1 also that I've only raced once!. 1:00 is better for me since Jaren swims until 12:00.

Check out the new plane I'll likely be picking up in December when it comes out:


2010.10.22, 12:20 PM
Race time oposted at 1:30
That will give Russ some time to practice get here.

We are having a kid friendly halloween party that night at 6:30 if interested in coming let me know with your email address and I will have my wife forward you an evite.

Its gonna be a fun filled day race/cook/party.

2010.10.29, 11:49 PM
I was thinking about going, but just found out today my friend is having a tennis match at 1:30 :)

2010.10.30, 09:01 AM
I can't make it either as we just had a conflict come up. Very sorry. :(