View Full Version : new kyosho rims...

2010.10.21, 04:11 AM
can anybody gues for what car?

2010.10.21, 10:03 AM
You should read the text underneath it: Kyosho Alice Evo X!

2010.10.21, 11:17 PM
i was hoping to post the picture and have them guess... based on the picture alone... unfortunately picture doesn't seem to appear... thus reposting...

now i guess everybody knows these are kyosho alice evo x rims... :D:rolleyes:

2010.10.21, 11:39 PM
how about these? c/o rcp sanda...
looks like smaller diameter front rims...
or bigger diameter rear rims...

2010.10.22, 03:28 AM

To me, the first picture look like the new 599XX rims. On the alice motors, as it's the same rims you can find on the other evo X you should see the plastic nut from the autoscale chassis. The offset is either +1 or 0, not sure which one is correct but this means you should not see the central nut as deep as shown on the pic.

About the second set, it's very similar to the F430 rims. They are the only rims I know that include brake disc.

2010.10.26, 12:39 AM
hi pierro, yes the first rims kinda looked like 599xx rims... but they are actually for the alice motors evo x.... and yes the other rims look like f430 rims... the only thing is that seems kinda weird is that they are not of the same diameter, one is smaller than the other...

2010.10.26, 12:57 AM
I thought that the second ones are for an LM... but honestly, I think that they are the same diameter, 1mm offset... just distorted due to the wide wheel being closer to the camera. If you look at the ones that are on the bottom, they look to be the same diameter...

I am pretty sure that the first ones are the 599xx rims. The Alice rims look different.