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2010.10.22, 09:15 PM
well, I bought the f1 with dt radio from the market place here, I am still going to buy the rcp track, 2-mr02, and 2 mr03 for my family race nights before christmas :) . I am in woodstock btw

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.10.24, 09:57 AM
Hi! I'm sure that shop.tinyrc.com can help you out. :) We're always happy to help customers get set up (car/transmitter/parts recommendations), and with discounts too. It's true for all customers and potential customers that we offer discounts for all larger orders such as the one you're talking about. Whether it's an individual or a race club putting things together for several people, we're happy help you out. Also, you can rest assured that you're getting what you pay for, as all of our items are brand new. You (or anyone else) can feel free to email me at shophelp@tinyrc.com for more info. :)

2010.10.24, 08:20 PM
I might be interested in selling my track. My kids just don't seem to be interested. I have I believe 4 wide ovals which basically is a bunch of track (ask Art just how big that is). I'm still not 100% decided but I'm strongly considering it. How much track were you looking for?

2010.10.26, 05:14 PM
Pm sent on rcp track

2010.10.26, 11:06 PM
I also have track as well. I sold most of it to Art(hpgod), but still have about 2 wide ovals or a little more. They need to be cleaned up, but should work fine. :)