View Full Version : How's the quality for recording Mini-z racing with Ipod Touch 4G HD?

2010.10.25, 07:11 AM
I'd like to know how good/bad the Ipod touch HD can record Mini-z Racing. Any sample Youtube would be appreciated. I'm considering buying the Ipod Touch 4G. The specs indicate 720dpi and 30 frames / sec. I'd like to know how wide the recording area can be. Thanks.

2010.10.25, 07:50 AM
Personally, I'd suggest one of the new Nokia phones like N8. Great camera specs and its fairly robust otherwise unlike Apple stuff.

2010.10.25, 08:00 AM
The problem is I don't need phone capability. Ipod Touch is not a phone and that's what I'm looking for.

2010.10.25, 08:24 AM
Careful guy's. This is getting close to testimonial advertising(SPAM)

2010.10.25, 11:17 AM
Its very difficult to find a good camera to shoot Mini-Z races. A lot of camera's have good quality still shots, and decent video, but the cars just look like streaks in the videos. The one camera that a local racer uses and works the best is no longer available... and nearly impossible to find used. Which is why Sai is looking for other options. While it may be close to spam... it isnt... (but may draw spam through spambot searches).

2010.10.25, 04:40 PM
the standard digital frame rate is about 30fps... there are some cameras that will do 40-100-all the way to 1000fps... however the faster they shoot the smaller the resolution... the 1000fps is like 180x200 or something tiny... but you can see things move that you would not other wise... for mini-z you would not need to do this high of fps, so you could use a middle setting.

2010.10.25, 06:26 PM
Here is a YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02vrEx7CoJM) I did a couple weeks ago on an iPhone4, which uses the same camera.

At this link you can see a larger version of the same video (http://gallery.me.com/larry.arnold#100248). The quality you experience may depend, in large part, on the bandwidth you can get.


edit: Oh, yeah, the lens flare is due to the daylight streaming in through the open door opposite the camera.

2010.10.25, 10:31 PM
hmm... you tube video is labled private...

2010.10.25, 11:41 PM
Ok, fixed it. Sorry!

2010.10.26, 01:56 AM
thanks for the vid... :D