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2010.10.26, 09:17 AM
One of the marshals may not be able to make this date. So I am looking for a "reserve" that could show up if he cannot, and possibly one additional marshal. Since it is last minute I am expanding my search and copying my ad to the Mini-Z forum...


Looking for one to three people with a few extra hours to help setup and marshal a public race at a trade show in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I do this mostly as a hobby and not a full business I cannot afford to hire actuall employees, so I usually just use friends or family to help when needed. This event is not local to me or them, so I am posting this in hopes to increase my options. This event will take me at least 17 hours from the time I leave my house to when I get home... so instead of forcing someone from up here take a road trip with me, I hope to find someone located in the Cleveland Ohio area, or as close as possible.

This event is only open to members of their organization, so unfortunatly I cannot invite people to stop by the track.

* I need people that will not back out, once they say they will be there.

* The event will be 6 hours, but I need people there 2 hours earlier, possibly up to an hour after.

* I should arrive around 9am. You need to be there about the same time, to help with setup.

* You must be relatively familiar with the "SCX Digital System". - Just read up on it online, google, etc... just understand what a digital slot car is, and why it is diffrent from a standard classic slot car.

* You will be helping me setup the track, not much more than setting up tables, and pushing track peices together.

* Primary role is to watch over the track durring the races, and efficiently put the cars back on the track if/when they deslot.

* There may be some minor score keeping to be done as well.

* I will be paying you for this. Amount to be disclosed after I know how much they will pay me for extra labor, and how many people I get to help, and how much gas I use up on the way down there.

* No Band/Cartoon/TShirts, Jeens and a colared shirt, or blank Colored T shirt, is fine.

Looking for someone close to event location, or a MiniZ AA Dojo Member ;)

This is NOT a full time or partime job ad, it is more of a voluntary thing that I will try to pay a few bucks for.

I will be bringing the cars (COT) track and everything needed, you just need to bring yourself. But, feel free to bring your favorite SCX Digital car, just incase we find time to get in a race ourselves!

This is a business event, I am not expecting many, if any kids, so I will be setting up a track that takes more than just mashing the trottle to go, so there will be some skill required to win a race.

November 4th (A thursday) - Before 9AM to 7PM including plenty of extra setup/cleanup time, actual event is only 6 hours.
They anticipate atleast 200 to 300 people, plus all the booth vendors.

Event is only open to members of their group, be they advertisers or owners.



2010.10.26, 08:31 PM
Dont get me wrong....
Its great your looking for help but you are a business and you are not donating to any cause.....i apologize if I have this wrong.....
and your looking for race car hobby fanatics to help you out by donating time.....I would say your looking at a 10 hour day and you make no offer of compensation but a few bucks....As a businessman you have no problem listing what you need and expect from a worker/volunteer but you cant offer what the compensation will be. I would think at least $75 plus meals would be fair compensation. Just remember in life when you pay peanuts you get monkeys.....
I also noticed your not mentioning what the trade show is for?????
top secret....or will it be a turn off for some????
Good Luck and I wish your venture much success!!!

2010.10.26, 08:58 PM
I currently just opperate as a hobby... I do not make nearly enough to qualify as a business yet, I do hope that will change though... Infact because I was focusing on getting a MAIN job... I have only done three events all summer, and one was pretty much at cost/loss for a charitable cause.

I do not mention how much because I will not know exactly how much until I found out what it will cost me in gas/travel... luckily I just found a way to save on that. I do intend for it to be at least $50.00 a person though. Amount will be known before the date though, and disclosed privately.

Hmm I wonder if I could work a deal with TinyRC.com to increase the amount and make it in the form of an OPTIONAL, TRC gift certificute ;) I will email him after I post this... maybe not though...

The trade show is related to Apartment complexes, their owners, Land Lords, and any business that would want to sell their services to such entities. Paint, Insurance, Cleaning, Maid Services.. etc etc... But is only open to those that are members of their marketing group... or I would invite people to stop by the track to see it.

Rudy Ruettiger will be speaking... The real guy the movie was based on.