View Full Version : Anybody from cyprus?

2010.10.27, 03:28 PM
Anybody here from Cyprus?

I know theres lots of people running mini-z in Greece, but not here.. :(

2016.02.21, 09:03 PM
any in athens?

2016.02.21, 09:09 PM
wow... haven't heard anybody from cyprus... but i have heard somebody from greece... welcome to the forums... how's the mini-z scene in cyprus?

2016.02.22, 01:49 PM
Athens here!

2016.02.22, 02:48 PM
Thanks for responding!

Is there a track location and schedule? I'll arrive in Athens on Friday for a couple days and curious if there is any mini-z racing in the city.

2016.02.22, 08:48 PM
No problem mate!
things aint going well for mini z here. most of the tracks have been closed and there is only one that i think is open now from about 7 that was last year. its pretty frustrating for me too because i just bought my first and wanted to compete.