View Full Version : I-Lap supported by ZRound and Flipside

2010.10.27, 07:56 PM
I-LapRC is now supported by the Flipside software in the latest release. We ran this last weekend and found it very easy to use. It is also the only timing software that I know of that also has a Mac version.

ZRound has had support for awhile, but apparently some users were unaware. Simply set it up as an AMBrc. Be sure to type comx for the port number, where x is the actual port. If only the number is entered without the com, it won't find it.

Thanks to Jesus and pinwc4 for giving us these great programs.


2010.10.28, 08:12 AM
I love the I lap system. Wish I would have waited 1 more month though as it now mas miniz plugs. Mine are from the larger scales and I had to cut the wires and swap a eyelets/pluga onto mine. It had worked great as long as the sensor is placed in the correct spot.