View Full Version : Robitronic Support, test release of version 0.51

2010.10.28, 11:34 AM
I finally got the Robitronic lap counter so I could add support for it in the software. From my testing I think I have it properly working now but would like it if someone else could test as well.

This test version is not published on the main site, use the following links to download it:
Windows Installer (http://www.flipsideracing.org/downloads/FlipSideRacing-windows-installer-727.exe)
Windows Zip File (http://www.flipsideracing.org/downloads/fsraceWin-727.zip)
Mac Zip File (http://www.flipsideracing.org/downloads/fsraceOSX-727.zip)

The main thing to be aware of with the Robitronic hardware is that it may delay transmitting information up to 1 second. So when you cross the lap counter the beep can be delayed up to a second. The software will adjust the lap time to componsate for this delay. I can not do anything else about the delay that is how the hardware works, it transmits the lap information every second and not when it occurs.

If you do test this please let me know if it does or does not work for you.

2010.11.05, 09:52 AM
So has anyone had a chance to test the Robitronic support? There have been quite a few downloads but no one has said anything. I think it is working fine but have only used the hardware on my work bench and not on a track for a lengthy race with multiple vehicles.

For those of you who have tried it out please let me know if it does or does not work well.