View Full Version : need help on helios question

2010.10.28, 06:10 PM
If I bu yhe 80262 am 27mhz 3ch ex-10 helios can I just change the module and make it 2.4 ? Its the one here in the marketplace and he lives by me but I want to make sure I can use it with the new cars.

2010.10.28, 06:45 PM
Yeah, just take out the AM module and put the 2.4 module in. Run your AM cars with the AM module and if you have or plan to get 2.4Ghz cars, use the 2.4 module.

2010.10.28, 07:19 PM
great, thanks ! so they are all the exact same radios just with different modules right ?

2010.10.28, 07:42 PM
Not sure what you mean by they are all the exact same radio, but with the EX-10 Helios you can run AM or 2.4Ghz with the corresponding modules. I don't have the EX-10 Helios, but a friend does. Great radio that does every adjustment a guy could want in my opinion.