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2010.10.29, 06:03 AM
has anybody tried this body yet and know what wheel base and offset it is?

2010.10.29, 06:27 AM
From HERE (http://kyosho.com/eng/products/rc/detail.html?product_id=106952)
NISSAN R390 GT1 No.21 LM1997 Technical data
Length 181.0mm
Width 78.0mm
Height 40.0mm
Chassis Type MR-03W-LM
Wheelbase 102.0mm (3L)
Tread (F/R) 69.0mm/66.0mm
Tire(F/R) Φ25.0mm×8.5mm/Φ27.0mm×11.0mm
Weight 173g

2010.10.29, 08:15 PM
So far it seems to be a dump truck. It handles like a dream down the straights. That is just initial testing.

2010.11.01, 08:40 PM
hmm... what's the offset like?

2010.11.01, 08:48 PM
I used Mazda 787B rears on an LM dif and PN 18mm +1 fronts. I didn't take much time with it at the World's. I went with a proven set up.

2010.11.01, 09:15 PM
Tested out in just slapping it on my MR02 w/D-Arm & 03 Board in 98 mm chassis.
Amazing turn in since so much down force were created by the steep nose and open air vents on top of the front wheels which channel the under tray air from the tires to the top of the nose.
Even strong dive in, rear can step out a bit but salvageable in not scrubbing down much speed.
Disadvantages is fragile body which nose cracked easily and rear wing never survive from racing incidences.
This 102 mm body had no problem on a 98 mm chassis.

2010.11.10, 05:39 AM
anybody else with results? i really like this body, but i see the mosler and longtail mac are real good.

2011.08.14, 02:49 PM
anyone have definitive knowledge of what LM wheel sets fit under this autoscale? the chassis set looks like it comes with racer wheels (360 gt-c wheels)

2012.12.16, 10:01 AM
anyone have a set of mazda 787b wheels they can part with? i am currently running a mix of the porsche rear wheels and mazda front wheels where both are tucked under the body slightly to avoid catching on rails.