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2010.10.29, 09:11 AM
I ran tonight with a group of other guys at our local. I'm running a MR03 LM with the Porsche body. I've had it running before and it seemed fairly easy to drive, however, since installing the bumper I've found that the front is extremely nervous. Way too much turn.

I'm currently running Kyosho 30s all around.

Now, I was wondering what I could do and would like to hear any opinions.
I'm considering either,
A. putting 40s up front to remove some of the steering.
B. putting 20s on the back to try and hook it up more so the front has less grip relatively, or
C. Install harder springs up front to counteract the added weight of the bumper (Not too sure about this one.)

Any ideas?

Oh, and my setup is stock with the exception of a Kyosho ball diff, carbon H plate and bearings.


2010.10.29, 09:13 AM
Worn 20s or 30s on the front and 20s on the back seemed to be the route to go with the LM tires.

2010.10.29, 11:23 AM
Kyosho 20 rear tires, taped to the rims. That should solve your problem until you put in some extremely powerful motor. :)

2010.10.29, 08:05 PM
Thank you for the advice. I shall put them on and see how it goes.

2010.10.29, 11:50 PM
From my experience and from what I know from majority of other driviers, they rarely run the same tire 'degrees' for both front and rears. Usually you run lower 'degrees' in the rears (i.e. Kyosho 20s).

Just my .02 cents.

2010.10.30, 01:08 AM
I had heard that as well, and was planning on doing it, but I threw on 30s just to see how it would run. It was really easy to drive the first time, guessing it was understeering a little. Add the bumper and it's become a different animal. :eek:

Thanks for your 2 cents. :)

I will sort this baby out yet.

2010.11.01, 09:35 PM
hmm... quite interesting...

what are the set ups of the other guys on the track with bumpers?
your location says that your in the homeland of the mini-z, japan... :D
i'm sure the guys at the track will share that kind of info with you...

if you wan't to get rid of the steering, you could limit the dual rate or steering throw...
or as mentioned earlier try a harder front, and softer rear tires...

probably harder springs might help too...
try out each option and see what works for you... that's usually the way it goes...

hope this helps and keep us posted... :D

do post some pics of the track