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2010.10.29, 10:29 PM
i might make it down in november
Now my bro lives in an apartment in marietta and he is gonna be hanging with me, do you know if you are running a hfay in november
Have u ran a bte yet

2010.10.30, 12:47 PM
We can run hfay any weekend you are down here sam. I have a few commitments for the kids but nothing is a allday event.

The track and timing loop are always setup.
next month is a time trial layout also best run for 50 laps.
december is BTE for HFAY. I can always setup a large 19 tile track in ~ 20 minutes if thats what you want to run on.

Atlanta MINIZ

2010.10.30, 02:09 PM
I dont think ill be there a saturday
but now that my bro lives down there maybe i can show him what i do

2010.10.31, 02:11 PM
Just let me know when your in town so I plan the night to be open with the Wife.

2010.11.01, 08:49 AM
Atlanta Hobby on their airshow said something about ordering a track and getting it set up. So far I have no more details but they were talking about trucks at the time. I'll try to find out more of what Cliff was referring to.

2010.11.01, 09:23 AM
must be losi sct

2010.11.01, 04:08 PM
Yeah, probably a small demo track. I guess we'll see.