View Full Version : dnanos

2010.10.30, 03:54 PM
do you guys race dnanos ? my brother and I just bought 16 of them new iin box (got a good deal if we bought the lot lol ) we are selling some and keeping some for us and our kids.

2010.10.31, 02:08 PM
They never took off locally Hank Pinoyboy had 1 hooped up before.
They did not have the timing system
If yall want to race them I will pick one up from you. Do they Have a ICS port? 4 pin plug. If so we may be able to use my I-lap transponders.

2010.10.31, 09:49 PM
I am getting a mr03 from a member here, and then as soon as I sell some of theese dnanos I am going to order a ko propo eurus 10 from tinyrc and will head over to try out your track when you are avaialable . looking foward to meeting you guys !