View Full Version : Duracell 15min charger

2010.10.31, 12:44 PM
I picked up a Duracell 15min charger to charge @ the track so i tested it out last night and wow it charges the cells up real fast and almost no heat.

I use to charge my AAA in a 4pack on my Hyperion charger @ 10mv/c @ 0.8amp the cells would get hot but not to hot.

How can the Duracell take 1/4 of the time to charge and not have the cells over heat i know that the fan keeps it cool but the charger is dumping 3 amps + in the cells

Am i getting as much of a good charge with the Duracell charger then my Hyperion?

Is it normal that if the light turns off on the Duracell charger and i take the battery's out and put them back in to check if it will put more of a charge in the that i get the flashing light?
I'm thinking it due to the cells voltage that is already @ peak voltage right?

thanks for all the help