View Full Version : Drag Brake

2010.10.31, 01:05 PM
What standard 70t motor has the best drag braking? I'm building a car for someone on an i-Series board which has no brake so I think a motor with more drag brake might be better for the person that will be driving it.


2010.10.31, 03:15 PM
PN 70t. Has the fattest comm and most brush tension.

2010.12.13, 09:57 PM
Yeah, my PN70t has a ton of drag brake if you continue to use the stock gear range.

2010.12.13, 11:40 PM
With the I-series car, you can adjust the throttle trim to adjust the deceleration when the throttle is released. It shouldnt matter too much what the drag brake of the motor is, since you can just trim the throttle to reverse a little to get more drag brake...