View Full Version : Sacramento, CA

2010.11.03, 03:11 AM
Just moved to the Sac area. Any stores or tracks in this area?

2010.11.03, 11:29 PM

Closest one would be 2 hours away I think.

Fast Pace Racing in San Jose and Inside Line Racing in Cupertino. Check them out!! If you do find one there, let us know also. ;)

2010.11.03, 11:32 PM
That sad, I just moved down from san jose.

2010.11.29, 01:38 AM
I think the Hobby Town in Rocklin over by the Roseville Gallaria has an indoor Mini-Z track. It's in an empty space next door to them and they only have it open on certain days. I would call them. I'm not sure if they're still doing it. I know they were building out a rock crawling course in the same space.

I would try to put them in touch with the shops in San Jose to help them figure out how to make it a sustainable business.