View Full Version : RCP Tracks Mini-96 IN STOCK + new 30cm sections

2010.11.04, 01:08 PM
A new container just arrived and most of the kits are back in stock. There are two new kits with the latest container. They are 45 degree and straight one piece sections with rails on both sides.

The new kits will interconnect to the current 30cm tracks. The straights measure 60cm X 60cm and replace qty 4 standard 30cm straight tiles, incorporating one complete piece with rails on both sides.

The 45 pieces are one piece with rails on both the inside and outside. Connect two together to create 90 sections or place them 180 degrees to create chicanes.

The new pieces will allow users to set up layouts similar to slot car tracks, with rail on both sides. Less joints, faster set up and more layout options.

I am waiting for some production samples to arrive from the warehouse and then I will post up some pictures with more details.

30010.....(qty (10) 60cm x 60cm straight tiles, 20 straight rails + pins)
30012......(qty (12) 45 tiles, 12 outside rails, 12 inside rails, 6 (90) degree inside rails + pins)


2010.11.04, 01:41 PM
anything new planned for the 50cm tracks :)

2010.11.06, 11:03 AM
Just the corner racing dots/rail protectors. Still working on a corner racing dome that incorporates the rail liner all in one piece. Would be used for 90 and 180 degree RCP inside turn rails.