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2010.11.09, 01:27 AM
I want to build a car for hfay racing on rcp track and I want the best. I'm new to mini-z and I'm new to onroad but have been doing offroad for 25 years. I am starting this thread as a recommendations discussion to help me choose every hop up. I need and which manufacturer makes the best product for my needs. The car I want to start with is the mr03 Nissan r390 as long as tinyrc can find me one. What else to buy?

2010.11.09, 11:01 AM
HFAY is a small track, and I would recommend a smaller body (94mm) for small track racing. The R390 is 102mm long, and would be great for larger tracks, but may not have the turning circle required for the small track.

The R390 must use an LM motormount, otherwise you have to put a hole in the body for the differential spur clearance. Atomic made the best LM mount, however, I believe it is discontinued. (LM mount/diff have longer shaft, so the spur is closer to the wheel).

Essentially, the cars are 70t stock cars, so you want to keep them as close to the weight limit as you can without going under. I dont know what other limitations there are for HFAY, as I have never run it. But do check their rules and regs.

As for the front end, I really like the Reflex Racing reverse kingpin. Which has the spring on the kingpin under the lower arm. It keeps the weight down, and has very little slop. The Reflex upper tower allows you to adjust the upper arm hinge location, to adjust camber/camber gain/roll center. It can be used at 2d or 4d caster.

The rear end setup really depends on the body/wheelbase you are using. Some bodies have less clearance, and need a lower height to fit under the body without having to cut a hole. Standard disc dampers work well, however I feel that the tri-damper systems help get the tweak out of the cars better. If I use a Disc Damper, I prefer a laterally stiff t-plate. When using a Tri-Damper, I prefer a thin t-plate.

Hope this info helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2010.11.09, 11:59 AM
Check out some reflex racing setups. Guys are insanely good, so if you copy one of those setups and learn to drive it, you should be in good shape.