View Full Version : Just switched from MR02 to MR03 and mind is blown

2010.11.09, 03:53 PM
This car should not even be considered in the same class!!!!
MR03 is *that* much better than MR02. There is simply no comparison.
The increased resolution from the servo is fantastic, and the stability of the car is really amazing.

My MR02 was by no means a bad car. It had WTF2 front and ran the most recent rendition of the 94mm mount by atomic, or a RR side damper. The car ran fantastic in 98mm configuration.

However the consistency with the MR02 just wasnt there for me. Transitioning from driving 1/10 onroad to 1/28 RCP was a huge transition. The MR02 simply didnt handle like a 1/10 scale and I had to adapt. The MR03 on the other hand is much, much, much closer to 1/10 and is way more precise in every way. I was able to consistently place fast laps with a near stock car--laps so fast infact, that I was beating my MR02 times by large margins.

In comparison, the MR03 only had a 94mm atomic rear end+DDS and ball diff +stock t plate (vs my mr02 which had everything under the sun). My fastest lap time on the 03 was a full 0.5 second faster than the MR02. Not only that, but my avg lap time was 1 full second faster. I was way way more consistent with the car and could confidently cut much closer to the apex knowing that I know full well what the car was doing/going to do.

It's a fantastic machine, and can be made competitive with very minimal modifications. This thing makes racing so much more enjoyable. It seriously is a different beast.

2010.11.09, 07:39 PM
Yes, but its not problem free by any means. Early ones used to pretty much blow FETs, sometimes kingpins/balls don't have the same or smooth travel on both sides, etc.

Personally, currently my 02 is definitely much better than my 03, but after I polish and baby the kingpins perhaps this will change.

2010.11.09, 08:19 PM
Glad you enjoyed your new car last Saturday. Glad I could hook you up with a great deal too.

Too bad you can't make this Friday. There is much more tuning we can do that can make it faster.