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2010.11.14, 09:58 PM
anybody use this?
part no. mfw17


installed (on left) compared to one without

source (http://translate.google.com.ph/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fblogs.yahoo.co.jp%2Fyupigu2000%2Ffo lder%2F906581.html%3Fm%3Dlc%26p%3D4)

2010.11.14, 10:55 PM
always curious to know what they are supossed to do.

2010.11.14, 11:02 PM
Looks like traction may decrease.

My questions are:

-How thick is the tape?

-Does Kyosho have matching front sponge tape also?

-Do the rear tires spin true?

-Why can't you use servo tape?

-How is the traction after install?

2010.11.14, 11:32 PM
-Why can't you use servo tape?

Servo tape?

2010.11.15, 12:26 AM
Its similar to Servo Tape, although, it is sized properly for the rear wheel. I havent used any, yet... but traction should increase, since there is more contact patch, and it should allow a little compression under load to further increase contact patch.

It will also increase rollout (as shown by the pictures), so you have to gear accordingly.

This would be good for the motormounts that do not allow axle height adjustment to increase ground clearance for a bumpy track.

I plan to get some servo tape, and try myself. I just cannot justify buying at the price that they sell it for.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.11.15, 12:02 PM
Hi Guys,
We have MFW17 in stock at shop.tinyrc.com. I offered this deal in a previous thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34060&highlight=f1tiretape&page=2), and am happy to do so here too. :)

Anyone who is interested in purchasing MFW17 and reviewing it for others, please use the coupon code TRYMFW17 at checkout for 25% off. The coupon code is good through the end of the month. :cool:

Thanks! :)

2012.08.13, 11:32 AM
Anyone give this stuff a try? curious to the results.

2012.08.13, 12:40 PM
Quite a few of us at MC3 use it. I find it gives good consistent traction until the end of the life of the rear tires. Also, I find it increases rear traction.

2012.08.13, 12:51 PM
thanks for some input on it, Maybe I'll get some and give it a try next time a place and order.

are you using the Kyosho stuff or a substitute?

2012.08.13, 02:05 PM
Kyosho part as described above.