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2010.11.15, 08:13 AM
Hi guys.
I have a curious fact to tell you, and hope to find the answer here. In our brazilian track, most of the guys was running KT-18 radios, and something really strange happened with 2 guys there:

Sombra and Danilo had one kt-18 each one... When sombra turned on his radio, all ok... paired with his car, running ok. While the Sombra's radio was on, Danilo tried to turn on his radio. The light shows on, and then off. And still like this.

Here's the strange thing: When Sombra turned his radio off, Danilo's radio automatically turned ON, as it was waiting to use the same frequency, or something like that.

And this keep happening with these 2 radios.. They couldn't turn both on simultaniously, 'cause this strange thing keeped happening.

Today, Danilo bought an EX-5 ASF and the KT-18 is in his bag, waiting for some buyer away of our track.

Can someone figures out what happened???
We have it video recorded somewhere... I'll put it on youtube and post here latter!

Tim Johnson
2010.11.15, 09:10 AM
I would imagine if you took the car outside away from the track, and tried to re-bind the transmitter to the car, it would fix that issue.

2010.11.15, 09:30 AM
They try to rebind the cars in their houses, came back one week latter, and it still the same...

Tim Johnson
2010.11.15, 09:58 AM
Personally I would recommend to bind the TX and Car at the track. That way the system can look for an open frequency.

2010.11.15, 04:07 PM
That was the first try... bind both at the track, one at the time, with all other TX of the track off.. than we tried with all TX on... and nothing too. But before this happened, they was running togheter 2 months without any problem!

Tim Johnson
2010.11.15, 07:58 PM
Try binding the car with the issue when all of the cars are on, make sure that the transmitter that gives your car a problem is on as well. Then re-bind your car. If that does not work, I would contact a Kyosho Customer Service Rep in your country.