View Full Version : For MM chassis length, what gives more grip to Rear: Longer or Shorter T-Plate?

2010.11.17, 11:11 AM
The question is:

Which setup would give the most grip to the rear end on-power:

An MR02/03 chassis "MM" 98mm WB length, but using a longer T-plate (Like say using an 96-97mm T-plate to achieve 98mm WB, or using the standard "MM" Kyosho 94mm T-plate length to achieve 98mm WB?

2010.11.17, 01:15 PM
The longer t-plate would give more rear traction. Although, you will have more articulation and movement in the rear end under load as the t-plate flexes. I have an RM t-plate on my 102mm LM car to increase rear grip.

2010.11.17, 01:45 PM
If you are looking for more rear grip why not try out 94mm MM?

2010.11.17, 04:54 PM
Very good question hrdrvr. :) But I thought maybe 98mm might be less "squirrelly" and more manageable for a High-Powered Mod car?

2010.11.17, 06:13 PM
So basically, Reflex Racing's 96mm T-plate is better for Rear Grip than using a bonafide 96mm WB Pod? I kinda figured it would but just wanted to be sure.

Also, in order to get the most power down, how would you pair the soft-long T-Plate (Non-94mm WB) with a top shock? I mean how hard do you go with the spring? Is it the harder top shock spring (Kyosho Yellow Oil Damped SHock BTW) the less rear grip? Or should you pair a soft top shock spring with a soft x-long T-plate for maximum power excreted from the motor with least tire slippage?

2010.11.17, 06:26 PM
One of the biggest issues when trying to get a lot of power down is tweak. A DDS car will almost always have a little tweak, and the DDS reduces the centering effect of the T-plate. The softer the t-plate you use, the less centering effect that it has, so the more the car will not go straight and lose rear grip when you get hard on the throttle.

When I went to a Tri-damper setup for the PNWC, I felt that I was able to dial out the tweak, and really get on the throttle harder out of the corners. In mod I used a medium 96mm t-plate with a prototype RR mount at 96mm wheelbase (I had thought about using it at 98mm, but wanted to try the Mosler at 96mm). The car felt like it could handle a lot more than the 33t that I was using. I had a Kyosho oil shock with yellow spring on top. At the home track, there was much less grip, but the car still handled the power well where a DDS car would have lost the rear end.

When using longer length t-plates, I recommend using a t-plate adapter with adjustable pivot points so you can fine tune how the t-plate reacts.

2010.11.17, 06:41 PM
Trying 98mm WB using PN V4 mount (Non-Gimbaled), soft Kyosho lexan T-plate for MR03, Kyosho top shock with red spring + a coulple spacers, 50% pressure preload, PN TDS without DDS plates or springs, and for TDS side springs Orange with no preload. Handles good.
The I would use Gimbaled pod (I have one) but the slop is too much for this much power.... I can see the car "jackknife" mid corner at the rear chassis/motor pod pivot:(

2010.11.17, 06:51 PM
YO Larry
long time no chat. I have found if you use the reflex soft t bar with a 98 pod and the reflex mount you can control how much that plate will flex to gain grip.I have not ran 96 as i mainly run the 98mm I have found for me it the most stalble and less squirrely than my 94. My 94 always broke loose on power in a hard turn or sweeper and found it pushed more than I liked. My 98 is perfect everywhere on the track. as for tweak using the tds you can dial it out.

2010.11.18, 06:48 PM
Thanks Tim for the heads up. Ya, long time no see, been absent from Mini-Z kinda. Now I'm getting back into it.
I have a Reflex soft T-plate (94/MM) and a PN V4 98MM pod, but no RR T-plate adapter. To get some more flex from the MM T-plate I'm using, I cut the rearward-facing "<"part off of the Stock black-plastic 03 T-plate adapter so that there's more length of T-plate to bend and twist:) Works good so far.

Hope all is well:D Talk to you soon

2010.11.18, 07:20 PM
You could have just flipped it around so the '<' part was facing '>' instead of cutting it... that way you could go back to it if you wanted to...

2010.11.18, 09:49 PM
EMU I'm not that clever...:o

Cut first then measure again, then cut again. Repeat. That's my motto, er, my backwards way of doing things...:D

Will do this on my other 03 for sure, thanks for the tip in all seriousness. I didn't even think of that. duh:(