View Full Version : No Joke: Which are tires have the BEST grip on RCP (The rough/racing surface)?

2010.11.17, 06:08 PM
OK guys,

What I am looking for is the tires that provide the BEST grip on RCP rough/racing surface side for Rear Tires mainly, but for front tires also. The tire can be prepped, sanded, trued, whatever - It just has to be the best for grip and for laying down SERIOUS power... For example:

CT used Trued-down PN Racing 6-Degree Slick Rears on his car (Courtesy of ReflexRacing.com Blog). Some guys true-down there Kyosho Racing Rear Radial 20's to where there's no more tread pattern noticeable and true them flat.

I hardly doubt foams without traction compound could compete with the grippiest of rubber RCP tires, but this contest includes foams too.:)

I'm talking blow-your-quad-stack-FET's kinda power I wanna put down. Suspension is all set.:) I think:)

2010.11.17, 06:17 PM
I use PN 8* front slicks and kyosho 20* wide slicks at my track. I don't true the rear but true the fronts so that the diameter is about 2mm less that what is is brand new (on 20mm rims). I run 2wd modified with 30 turn handwound motors and I get plenty of grip (track has medium grip). If you want more, I guess you could use tire sauce like Jack the Gripper, like how I did at a tack with barely any grip. When I used PN 6* slicks in the rear, my car didn't have that good of rear traction. I think CT used these tires because the track we raced on for the PNWC already had crazy grip.

2010.11.17, 06:29 PM
Tire choice is entirely dependant on the specific track. Some tracks the K-20 radials are best. Others, PN 6d... others ATM 8d. Some have more grip when the tires are new, others scrubbed in with no tread.

2010.11.17, 06:34 PM
My track has MEDIUM grip, dead-center medium grip I'd say. Now what would you put on your car EMU is you decided to run on this normally 8 second/lap track with say a 21t Longarm Handwound that tops-out at 85k @6.0volts And has like 700ft/lbs torque (Exaggerating, but only slightly:))? What what tires would you put on your car?:D

2010.11.17, 08:54 PM
I would start with the Kyosho 20d radial. That is my standard rear tire for any grip level. If it doesnt grip well, then I try the ATM or PN rear tires and see if they work any better. There arent too many options for rear rubber tires. In general, choosing the tire should be somewhat based on the types of tires used at the track. If most of the guys run Kyosho tires, then Kyosho rubber is in the track, and the Kyosho tires will grip better than the other tires. If most of the guys use PN tires, then PN tires are a better option. You really have to try a few different tires and feel them out to see if you have more grip or less. I would do it on timed runs, so you can see if there is any fade in grip as the tires get up to temperature.

Foams are not permitted where I race, but I would think that they would give you the best grip. If I had an option to use them, I would. Even without traction compounds, they should offer more grip than rubber on RCP. And they should be considerably lighter, so you will have even faster acceleration and deceleration.

2010.11.18, 06:34 PM
How's it that I can get the best grip on the "race" (Rough) side on RCP using Kyosho 20 Radials or PN6 Radials, and not with foams? I have many a set of foams - Some Gandini (A lot actually), need truing though; Some INzane Racing soft Trued+glued foams, some Yasuji Trued+Glued foams.... I get the best traction with pure-rubber-only (non-silicone) tires.

Edit: And one more thing: Which traction compound would be the best to use with RCP? I know I'ma have to go pretty light on the stuff so I don't ruin the track, but what's some good traction compound for foams that's relatively safe for RCP use? Thanks in advance:)

2011.01.17, 10:37 AM
Kyosho 20's, PN 6 and 8's have worked well for the 3 RCP tracks I've run on. The Kyosho's are a little squirmier than PN's so they work better on firmer RCP it seems or the smooth side of the track surface.

2011.06.14, 03:24 PM
rubber? kyosho radial 20 is the best
foam? i prefer blue Tamiya's reston tires

2011.06.14, 05:01 PM
Rubber tires it has all been pretty much said.

As for foams try and look around for GQ foam tires. They are incredible, and last longer then rubber tires.

2011.06.15, 01:27 AM
i was fortunate enough to try my f-1 with gpm foam tires on a rcp a long time ago...
very grippy.... really liked it...

haven't tried foams on mr015/02/03; ma010 on a rcp track tho...

i felt that the foams offered more grip than rubber... but then again i haven't tried foams on the mr series...

2011.07.04, 03:53 PM
In our club, on Rcp, foam tires are allowed.

Most of pilots use GQ, very soft for rear, médium or soft for front.
Incredible grip !