View Full Version : Suspension arms

2010.11.18, 03:21 AM

I managed to break the left top half of the front suspension arm (where the kingpin is connected). Obviously i'll try and glue it back on for a quick fix, but what are my real options here?

The WTF that replaces the suspension arms altogether? What are tower bars for, can i use one to replace the top half of the arms? One option ofcourse is a whole new chassis.

I'm a bit lost here to be honest and would appreciate any insights, thanks!

2010.11.18, 04:30 AM
Standard-width tower bars will suitably replace both your upper suspension arms -- they won't ever break again so you'll be fine from there on out.

The WTF front end actually widens the front end in total, so you need to install all three pieces to get the correct geometry out of the kit. It works great for the 02 though, the WTF2 has a kingpin inclination that helps reduce suspension stiction under cornering loads. ;)

2010.12.07, 03:23 PM
depends on what body you run. I would just run the wtf most of the time. its a great product.