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2010.11.18, 04:14 PM
my son appears to be left handed, he is 5 and i am wondering if lefties have any trouble adapting to the right handed kt-18 or should I get him a radio with the wheel able to go on either side ?

2010.11.18, 04:24 PM
I know a few lefties that race with standard radios. Honestly, I dont think it makes too much of a difference which hand you are dominant with. You are still controlling throttle with one hand, and steering with the other. When I race on Xbox, I steer with my left hand, and throttle with the right (opposite of what I do with RC). After a few weeks of 'training' you dont think about it anymore.

Some people prefer to steer with their left hand and throttle with the right. It may not necessarily be reliant on their dominant hand, but more about which hand controls which channel, and their comfortability with that layout.

The only radio that I know of that you can use lefthanded with an ASF module is the Futaba 3PK.

I wouldnt get ahead of yourself, just have him learn to use the standard equipment. After enough practice, I dont think it will make much difference which hand he becomes dominant with.

2010.11.18, 04:55 PM
Rafael Nadal is a naturally right-handed guy who plays tennis left-handed. He's also currently #1 in the world. ;)

Although yes, the 3PK can be used in lefty mode, as long as your son gets used to the motions and control early on, then left- or right-handedness won't really matter. My left hand is better than my right at pushing buttons on a cellphone, and I'm very, very right-handed. :)

2010.11.18, 05:21 PM
I'm left handed and didn't even think about it. I just used the TX as it was when I first picked it up. I didn't even know they were handed. :)

Just let him learn with what it is, he probably won't even notice it.

2010.11.18, 06:24 PM
Funny enough, from Xmod days, though I'm right-handed I prefer to steer with my left. Had to re-learn when I got into Zs, but its all good after a short amount of time. Especially since your son is only 5, just let him practice and learn how to use our standard TX and he'll be just fine.

2010.11.18, 07:22 PM
If I had the option when I started, I would have wanted to steer with my left and throttle with my right... now its too late to re-learn.

2010.11.19, 05:28 PM
thanks for all the input, since it is obvious from the response that a leftie can use a rightie radio I guess its better to get him started on a regular radio since his future in rc racing holds few options for left handed units.