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2010.11.21, 10:17 PM
hello everyone im new here and have been wanting a mini-z for a while and now im planning to get started in this hobby. I have been searching ebay for a kit but am a lil confused between the mr-010 mr-015 mr-020 and mr-030. anyways i found these 2 on ebay for a pretty cheap price but not sure if there is a difference between the 2 besides the body it comes with.
here is one
and here is the other

thanks for any help i really appreciate it, like i said im just getting into this hobby so still not for sure on everything, but so far these 2 seem to be the cheapest for me to get into this... thanks again for any help

2010.11.21, 11:27 PM
Welcome to the forums :)

The first link is an iSeries MR015, the second is a standard AM MR015. The iSeries cars have inferior electronics to the standard AM, but operate on the same frequencies. iSeries was an attempt to cut costs and produce an entry level car with a lower price point.

The MR015 has since been discontinued, and replaced with the MR03. The MR03 has the same chassis width, and the track can be adjusted from wide (MR02 width) to narrow (MR015 width) to accomodate bodies. The MR015 track with is 5mm narrower than the MR02. I produced a conversion tower bar set to use an MR02 width front end for the MR015 to use wider bodies.

I would recommend getting a 2.4ghz ASF car, with appropriate controller. The AM cars are good, but tend to glitch a bit and you have to make sure that you are the only one using a certain frequency changed by a crystal.

If you are planning to play with them here and there, an AM car would be more than fine. If you plan to race on a track, I would recommend ASF.

The MR03 is much more expensive than the MR02 and MR015, but is marginally better compared to price. You should be able to find a good used car with a few upgrades in the forum marketplace or ebay.

ps. ebay links do not work on the forums, you are better of just listing the item number rather than using a link.v

2010.11.22, 12:19 AM
thank you very much for your help. im planning to do a little racing as i found out we have a track pretty close by, but it will be mostly just playing around with it here and there. since you recommend the mr 03 i will hold off and wait for one of those. i was thinking of bidding on this one one ebay (220699390648) but noticed its an 01 so i'll hold off. about the 2.4ghz car would do they come from factory like that or is it a mod?? from what i understand on the forum its a mod. like i said im brand new to this but want to get into it. thanks very much for your help i really appreciate it

also btw just so i get this right, your saying the mr 03 has the adjustability to fit all mini-z bodies

2010.11.22, 10:37 AM
Cars can come with 2.4ghz ASF, or you can change the electronics in the car to upgrade them to ASF.

All MR03 cars come ASF.
All LM MR02 are ASF.
All RTR (come with radio in same box) MR02/MR015 are AM.

The MR03 can fit all Mini-Z bodies. It has a low profile, and narrow chassis. The MR02 can fit nearly all bodies with some upgraded parts (front towers), but the battery compartment is a little wider, and is tight on some bodies (although you can shave the bodies to make it fit).