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2010.11.23, 06:42 PM
Hey guys, I am new here. I already own a Mini-Z F1.

I recently decided to buy a Mini-Z awd, and I have a few questions about hopping it up. I will receive the Car next week. It is a Silver Skyline R32 27Mhz Readyset.

The hop-ups I have already ordered are:
-Kyosho Ti Driveshaft
-Atomic Ceramic Bearings
-Kyosho Grey/Blue SP chassis
-Kyosho Aluminum Motor Mounts
-Kyosho Brake Disk Rotors
-Kyosho 8 Spoke Aluminum Wheels [MDH201S]

I have these hop-ups, and I was thinking- why not just sell the ready set and build the car from the parts I already have, as I am basically replacing most of the parts on the readyset. Is this good idea?

Also, if I am just planning to drift and play around with it, is Atomic SAS or Kyosho DWS necessary? Also is the PN A-arm conversion a good idea? As I am not planning to race, should I just keep the stock suspension?

Other parts I am planning to install:

-Titanium Screw Set
-Atomic Titanium Universals
-PN Alloy Center Shaft Mount Set
-Atomic Ball Diffs w/ Ceramic thrust bearings
-PN Racing Motor Heatsink
-PN Racing Aluminum Knuckles
-Alloy wheel nuts
-PN racing springs
-Drift Tires
-Delrin Servo Upgrade
-Delrin Spur Gear
-2.4 ASF system
-Atomic AWD013 AWD Ball Bearing Stock Motor

Any other reccomended upgrades?

2010.11.23, 07:22 PM
I dont think upgrading the suspension to A-Arm and SAS would be necessary for drifting. It would look nice, but I dont see any benefit besides adjusting ride height and spring preload on the fly...

For the most part, it looks like you went way above what would be needed to drift, its very close to what would be a race ready car. I dont see much of a need for the RTR... you just need the servo saver, shafts for the servo gears and tie rods... and you could build a car up from the parts that you have.

For universals, I think the 3Racing are the best. The ATM and PN are good, but I have had the best fit with the 3Racing, and they seem very durable as well.

2010.11.23, 08:08 PM
Go with PN or 3Racing universals, those are the best based on feedback. In fact, go with everything 3Racing besides diffs (maybe springs) and bearings since parts they make are pretty much identical to the rest, but at a helluva fraction of the price.

2010.11.23, 08:47 PM
I have had a few PN and ATM universals fail on me. The ATM Ti failed with the pin that holds them together. The PN wore around the pin, the same as the Kyosho and got sloppy before they failed. They wear faster when the steering goes to full lock, so you may want to reduce the steering just a tiny bit to save the universal from wearing as fast. The 3Racing look a little stronger around the pin, and I have seen very limited wear on the set that I am currently using.

As far as fit, I think the best fit are the 3Racing as well, followed by ATM and PN.

I always try to have a couple extra universals, just in case they start to show wear. ATM has a pin set for their Ti units, so you can rebuild them if the pin wears. 3Racing and ATM alloy are cheap enough to replace the units when they wear. PN sells them in pairs, so you can just replace the fronts when they wear (its usually the fronts that fail first due to steering angle).

As far as differentials, Kyosho are the best, but since you are just going to drift, and are going to run them tight (nearly locked), I would save some money and go with the ATM plastic.

2010.11.23, 09:11 PM
Hmm, for just drifting, maybe 3R ball diffs would do the job just fine and on a budget.

2010.11.23, 09:47 PM
greetings and welcome to the forums...

as you mentioned that you're "just planning to drift and play around with it..."
i would highly suggest keeping it simple by keeping it stock...

the farthest i got into hop ups was drift tires, bearings, and an atomic stock awd motor...

found out that the atomic stock awd motor was too much for me to handle (it had too much power for me... was harder for me to control) so i switched back to the stock motor and got better control...

emu is right... unless you get serious and start racing in mod awd... you need not get all the stuff you mentioned just to enjoy drifting and playing around...

hope this helps... :D

2010.11.24, 04:32 AM
No matter which chassis you get, here are some tips to make drifting alittle bit easier, imho:

- Kyosho drift tires. Good to start with when learning to drift with the AWD and at slower drift speeds. Once you get the hang of it, the original tires will do on slippery hard floor but be warned, higher drift speeds = more spectacular drifts but higher repair costs aswell.

- Front Camber knuckles 1.5 to 2 degrees.

- Motor with higher torque like the x-speed when you feel youre ready. Stock motor is fine with drift tires. Crazy motors like the Chilli/Z2/T2 is a waste for drifting.

- Rear toe in, 1 to 2 degrees. Dont know the science into this, but it works for me.

- Tight to locked diffs.

- Kyosho Grey/Blue SP chassis. Wont help you drift better but youll need it. Use the stock smoke chassis untill it breaks.

- Full bearings kit. A must no matter if youre a drifter, home/club/world class racer or just a poser like me :cool:

- The rest is pimp, we likes pimp.:D

2010.11.24, 12:04 PM
I would suggest bearings, lug nuts, drift tires and PN 70T motor. That would be enough to get you started. Since you already have the motor mounts and the titanium prop shaft I would use those as well. I use the stock diffs for drifting. Just remove the gears and glue the shafts into the housing. I also use the stock axles. They are quieter than the ATMs I was using and I have a bunch of them. So far only one axle has broken. As far as set ups. You'll find lots information on set ups on this forum. I would spend alot of time practice before chasing the perfect setup. Have fun and good luck.

2010.11.25, 08:58 PM
Well.... I just picked up DWS ASF chassis (Orange from Japan). I have decided to keep the skyline R32 stock and put the hop ups I bought onto the DWS chassis. I might even sell the skyline... Thanks for all the help given to me so far. I decided to hold off on the other hop-up purchases until I sell one of my other rc cars, as I currently have too many, and need to shrink my collection down.

2010.11.26, 01:18 AM
Hey, a couPle more questions:

1. What width drift tires will fit on -Kyosho 8 Spoke Aluminum Wheels [MDH201S]?

2. Would a sauber c9 body like the one used on the mr03 fit on the ma010?

2010.12.04, 11:16 AM
Another question...what offset wheels are reccomended for the Ferrari Enzo bodyset? I am planning to use wide in the rear and narrow up front. This is for the 2.4 DWS chassis.

Action B
2010.12.04, 01:38 PM
Another question...what offset wheels are reccomended for the Ferrari Enzo bodyset? I am planning to use wide in the rear and narrow up front. This is for the 2.4 DWS chassis.

I believe for AWD its +2 rear and +2.5 front.

2011.04.28, 10:53 AM
anyone know how to increase the steering angle of the ma-010?

2011.04.28, 12:42 PM
anyone know how to increase the steering angle of the ma-010?

As in having a tighter turning circle? Unfortunately Mini-Z's use a drag link steering rack, which means once you've maxed the lock, thats it. You would need a proper ackermann adjustable rack to be able to get any more.