View Full Version : rcp tracks, what to use for borders?

2010.11.25, 01:44 PM
I ordered my rcp track but I did it a little differently. I ordered the 20 inch blank tiles enough to do an area 24 feet by 8 feet for runnig my dnanos . i ordered it this way so when i change my borders i dont have to take up my track. so the question now is what to use for borders? I was thinking pipe insulation but that is black and I would like some color mabye because it will be hard to see black borders on a black track. Any ideas on what I can use for track borders???

2010.11.25, 02:43 PM
we've used 20mm pvc elctrical conduit & bends (in the uk its black or white) or 15mm plastic water pipe (useally grey or white) which is more flexable

2010.11.25, 03:21 PM
Get some eva interlocking foam tiles, the DIY track stuff. Cut it into strips and it will be pretty forgiving on the dnano bodies. Comes in various colours too.

2010.11.25, 05:59 PM
eva cut up might be good, where do i buy it ?

2010.11.25, 06:20 PM
Check out this post... http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=396925&postcount=30

2010.11.26, 08:52 AM
You can get the tiles at walmart or similar type places, fleabay has them too.

2010.11.26, 09:13 AM
I am thinking about using those swimming pool floaties that are 6 feet long, pretty cheap too !!!