View Full Version : What tools are needed for Mini-Z?

2010.11.25, 10:42 PM
We are ordering a bunch of MR-03s and a few MA-010s for a racing club at work and I want to order some tools to get us started. Looking for the high quality stuff. Suggestions?


2010.11.25, 11:18 PM
big hammer ;)

lol jk, theres not really that much, a good hobby knief set, precision screw driver set, and maybe a decent file set. wire cutters and soldering iron can be a good thing to have too

2010.11.26, 12:56 AM
Do you know what size Phillips is needed? Imalso ordered a PN Ti hex screw set for my personal car - do you know what size hex wrench it would use?


2010.11.26, 01:27 AM
+1 phillips
1.5mm hex drive for ti screws & pretty much any other hex on car
4.5 mm nut driver for wheel nuts
scissors for cutting double side tire tape
needle nose pliers for general use
small sized flat headd screw drivers for taking off metal c-clips from ball diff and popping off the batts

2010.11.26, 02:37 AM
Thanks! That reminds me - what's the tire taping/gluing situation with Mini-Z? I'm used to gluing my tires with the larger scales. Do most Mini-Z racers tape their tires? Is it double-sided tape?

2010.11.26, 07:39 AM
The tape is double sided. You will definitely want to start using it when you use higher grip tires. Some drivers still glue their tires as well, but tape seems to be enough for me running in the stock class.

2010.11.26, 07:46 AM
If you get the route 246 tire tape you will never glue again. that stuff is unreal. I would also add a 0 size Philips. some of the smaller headed screws can use it.

2010.11.26, 11:46 AM
if your getting hex wrenches, be sure to pick up the 0.9 as well. you'll find lots of the complex upgrade kits use some of this size and you don't want to be in the position i've often found myself, puchasing an upgrade kit and not having the necessary tools. it doesn't help that they don't tell you they are needed either.
byebye bought me a set of the pn tools as a gift and i've been very happy with them.

i've used the atomic multitool extensively as well. very hard to find now though.

2010.11.26, 12:36 PM
good call on .9 hex. the pn one seems to be .7 on it's tip .9 a bit higher working on both of those tiny grub screws on the aa arms...so practically 2 tools in one.

couple more tool box essentials if not already mentioned:
- small gage wire stripper, 18 to 22 range
- soldering iron
- solder

2010.11.26, 03:52 PM
Great. Thanks guys. Looks like the only stuff I'm missing is the tiny Phillips and hex wrenches. I'll look into the PN tool set. I use EDS Tools for my large scale but I don't think they go this small so I'll have to try a different brand. I'm a bit of a brand snob when it comes to tools because I've broken so many cheap hex tips in the middle of a build. :mad:

I'll order some of the R246 tape too.