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2010.11.26, 10:46 AM
Any one have experience of the trackmate system?
we use lapz at the moment but replacment transponder sem to be not available & we need something cheap to persuade people to buy transponders

2010.11.26, 11:34 AM
I use it on 3 Mini Z tracks (mine and two friends), an 1/18th scale carpet track and an off road 1/10th track outdoors. We are pleased with it and the price point is quite good. It has easy to use software which is more than adequate for us. Dan at TrackMate has been great to deal with. I give it two thumbs up.

2010.11.26, 01:10 PM
I use one system with 11 transponders in our carpet mini-z indoor track at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Works flawless, the software is quite good for us!

Great deal and great support from Dan!


2011.03.16, 02:24 PM
Flipside software now compatible with Trackmate Iridium RC lap counter

Transponder with Mini-z connector also available.


2011.03.16, 03:45 PM
How much would a complete system cost?

2011.04.02, 07:42 PM
Its 95$ can for the interface and you need one over head sensor for a wide L rcp track if you run outside you need a sensor every 14"

sensors are 25$ can

and transponders are 38$ each or 5 for 125$can

we run it too for our group and its great.

Now that Flip side supports it it will rock.
not that the original software wasn't good it was just basic and worked great.