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2010.11.28, 04:54 AM

Looks interesting.

2010.11.28, 06:18 AM
Looks very interesting. I designed one a little differently but it looks like this way you can adjust the roll stiffness by tightening the screw in. Definitely interested, especially considering the quality of Qteq parts.

2010.11.28, 11:59 AM
Looks very interesting... I want one.

2010.11.28, 07:18 PM
I have absolutly NO IDEA how to mount and ajust this thing... but is in my wish list already... lol :D

2010.11.29, 08:34 PM
looks pretty cool... wish there was a description and how it is actually put together...

2010.11.29, 08:39 PM
How is God's name does this thing work?:D

2010.11.30, 12:00 AM
It's a 4-pivot ball/2-axis system that allows you to isolate roll and bump of the suspension. You can clearly see two balls along the centerline for roll, and two on the pod side for bump. Where Qteq did something really cool though was the incorporation of tweak screw locations as well as a silicone O-ring with a tension screw, the O-ring can be tightened doen to provide roll stiffness if you aren't using a tri-shock. I don't see a similar O-ring for bump, however (that would have gone right between the pod mounting screws) so it looks like you will need a top shock to use this product.

2010.11.30, 12:22 AM
so am i correct in thinking this works similar to the gimbal/piviot system?

2010.11.30, 12:46 AM
Yeah, this is like the gimbal mount plus a side spring.

2010.11.30, 01:34 PM
Its more like how 12th and 10th scale used to have the t bars. Corally had the free floating style like this and just used the dampening pocket.

I could see how the tri shock setup with this could work well.

2010.11.30, 01:50 PM
Still wondering how the hell this thing works.... a video would be pretty nice. color01, thanks for trying to explain how it works... but I'm too stupid to translate your words into phisical movements. lol :D

2010.11.30, 02:42 PM
It works like a regular t bar on a 12th scale.

It essentially allows for the T Bar to pivot laterally side to side without the tweak screws. The tweak screws are used to set a bare amount of pre-load so that that the rear motor mount is square (no tweak) and this is what makes the T Bar act as a spring (otherwise it is just a pivoting extension piece much like a gimbal set-up side to side.) Fore and aft the tension is like a regular T Bar dictated by the stiffness of the individual piece.

The O Ring Probably works like a Tamiya F1 T Bar. The tighter you run it, the stiffer the TBar is side to side.

2010.11.30, 05:12 PM
So when will Reflex have them in stock?

2010.11.30, 08:32 PM
The thingI don't get is how this "T-plate" flexes and/or bends/twists/rolls, etc. (How does it provide suspension)??? This 2-pieces, the bottom piece and the T-plate piece - They look like they're both aluminum or alloy? How does this system get a solid-alloy T-plate to flex and provide suspension like a softFiberglass or carbon T-plate?

I really dig this thing even though I don't get it.:o Anyone think this QteQ adjustable T-plate could provide better rear suspension than a standard T-plate (carbon/fiberglass) or even better than a Gimbaled Rear suspension system?

Right now, if I can get my free-play/slop down on my PN Gimbaled Rear pod, I am thinking that: The PN Gimbaled Rear end + PN or Reflex Tri-Damper system (without use of DDS plates, only Tri-springs) is going to be the best rear suspension for Putting down the most power for Modified.

Any comments or advice is very much appreciated! Thanks guys:)

And also - When will RR have them In-Stock?:D

2010.11.30, 09:37 PM
This system uses 2 sets of pivot balls. The ones on the chassis deal with the side to side pivot points. the ones attached to the motor pod that hold the t plate handle the front to back pivot point.

It works kinda like the gimbaled mount. But works on pivot balls vs pivot pins.
It is the same concept.

Felix2010, you live so close to me. If you need help setting up the gimbaled mount you should come on out and race with us.

What is the cost for this t plate system?

2010.11.30, 10:30 PM
The thingI don't get is how this "T-plate" flexes and/or bends/twists/rolls, etc. (How does it provide suspension)???

dont look @ it as a T plate.... look @ it as a pivot block;)

2010.12.05, 08:38 PM
The T Bars will be in stock at Reflex as soon as they go on sale. I am hoping late this coming week or maybe next. They are now up for pre-sale. While we are ordering a BUNCH, we do expect them to sell out VERY QUICKLY.

It pivots like a gimbal, but can be used "Tensed" up as a 12th scale T Bar as well for the lateral (roll) motion. The pitch (fore and aft) is still free. It's a B.A. Way to set tweak on your car if you like running a disk damper. Compression is also softer, so it should make the Disk Damper cars A LOT faster on bumpy tracks, while at the same time give increased traction under acceleration.

The pricing will be set at 27.99. If the yen ever comes down, it could be MUCH cheaper. :(

It has very, very limited slop, is super smooth and also compatible with pretty much EVERY motor mount out there that used a regular, Kyosho-design MR-03 T Bar.

2010.12.08, 01:04 AM
When these come out, could you post a "How To" or maybe a quick vid showing how this thing works please? I still don't get it, I'm slow...:D I mean, I understand what you're saying, but I just can't picture this T-plate working (How this T-plate works exactly, I mean)in my mind... Thanks!

2010.12.24, 05:53 PM
I just ran these today. no work. I spent about 20 min to install and 3 hours tuning it. and it works great with the tds. zero tweak on the car and the car is more planted in the rear and more predictable in the corner. I will never run a normal plate again

2010.12.25, 08:17 AM
dvsstrike, do you have tested the Gimbaled mount against this pivot system? The advantadge is wih this T-plate, you can run other mounts, not only the 98/102mm PN mount designed for the gimbaled system (if works in the same way).

2010.12.25, 11:26 AM
This Qteq 4BTB multi-option t-plate looks very cool and interesting for sure.... I would like to try this very much... The only thing is, I really like how simple and SMOOTH the PN Gimbal mount is, with it's 2-axis/2-pin pivot system. Cons for the PN Gimbal mount:
1.) Slop. I don't like slop; I like Medium-rare porterhouse with some cristal:)... Seriously, the PN pod sacrifices ultra-smoothfore-aft/side-side rotation/pivot-action (There's probably a way to get the PN Gimbal system tighter with less slop from the factory I'd imagine, but honestly you need that super-free pivoting action so the slop is just... It's just there... I tried 15k Kyosho silicone grease on the PN Gimabled' pivot-pins, next Im'a try 30k Kyosho silicone grease (Lessen slop noticeability). MAYBE - Maybe some Delrin sleeves could be fit onto the pivot-pins to tighten thigs up, like how PN used very tight Delrin sleeves on the PN Alm. MR02 knuckles (Setting the bore-diameter on the sleeves to exactly 1.99-2.01mm is possible).
2.) That's it for the bad...:D wait... Maybe... weight.:) The PN Gimbaled "System" is a slightly heavy piece to run.

From looking at the Qteq T-plate 4BTB photos, the 4xPillow Balls look like they are metal...:(. Metal pillow-ball pivot points? I thought they' be delrin Pillow balls like RR uses for it's front suspensions. This Qteq part looks very cool and outside-the-box; I would/am hopefully get to try it. I just see both 1.)The Qteq 4BTB Plate not quite being "Gimbaled", but having less slop&better precision; And 2.)The PN mount having better/smoother Gimbal free-range of action, but at the price of some wiggle room with the pivot points' pins. Overall: Both are equal???

2010.12.25, 02:28 PM
just got mine in the mail looks very nice , now just have to wait for the much needed reflex how to set up guide lol :D:D:D:D

2010.12.25, 07:37 PM
I have not ran a gimbal on anything. this plate system is very similar to the older corally plates on the older 12th scales on which you can adjust fore and aft stifness. the pillow balls on the rear don't do much as they just center the plate evenly on the pod. there is a set screw in the middle to make sure it does not shift. another adavantage is you can set the tweak 100 times better than other methods. you can also add squat to the plate by adding a shim to the rear screw. the plate is very adjustable. It does not flop aroung like the gimbal but you can set it as loose or a tight as you want without the fear of the thing snapping

2010.12.29, 05:20 PM
i forgot to mention that this bar does raise your axle height considerably ansd the t bar itself is thicker so you will have to adjust roll centers and axle heights.

2010.12.31, 06:55 AM
More images on my website ;)

2011.01.03, 03:44 PM
could anyone post a "How To" with pics.....????
how can i fix it to 98mm or 102mm ????


2011.01.03, 04:48 PM
it could only be used as a 94mm with a 94mm mount and a 98 with a 98 mount. due to the rear pivot block.

2011.01.03, 05:29 PM
no 96? thats a bummer

2011.01.03, 05:58 PM
You can always use the Atomic, PN or upcoming Reflex 96mm-capable motor mounts. ;)

2011.01.03, 06:10 PM
i guess that would be an option. so basically the t plate only mounts onto the chassis in one spot, it does not move front to back like normal?

2011.01.03, 06:22 PM
Correct, at The time you are bound to only The forward that setting. I believe they might come out with one for lm, but don't quite me on it.

2011.01.14, 07:33 PM
Ran one of these last night at High Speed in Charlotte and was quite happy with it. I ran at 98WB with a LCGV4, a PN tri damper setup with the PN double spring shock, no discs. The car felt very responsive even with the 98 WB. Went together easily and has very little play. I ran no o-ring preload, all the roll control was done on the side dampers. I set tweak with the side dampers as well, just made sure the tweak screws on the QTEQ were retracted. The grey QTEQ kit I used is actually made of plastic, not aluminum as advertised. More of a black color really. Actually the plastic may be better as it won't get bent or tweaked, I am concerned about durability though. Are the other colors aluminum?

2011.01.15, 07:48 AM
A friend pointed out that I am a noob and that the "T-Plate" parts are plastic in all the kits, it is the small bits like the pivot and other aly parts that are colored. Sorry, I am happy with it nonetheless.

2011.01.15, 12:52 PM
I must have been a noob too, because when I got mine I thought the same... All we were going on was the first picture in this post, where it looks like it could be metal...

2011.04.22, 03:55 PM
could anyone post a "How To" or maybe a quick vid showing how this thing works please? I still don't get it, I'm slow... I mean, I understand what you're saying, but I just can't picture this T-plate working (How this T-plate works exactly, I mean)in my mind... Thanks!

2011.04.22, 05:47 PM
could anyone post a "How To" or maybe a quick vid showing how this thing works please? I still don't get it, I'm slow... I mean, I understand what you're saying, but I just can't picture this T-plate working (How this T-plate works exactly, I mean)in my mind... Thanks!

Where it attaches to the chassis acts as a pivot for lateral movement, meaning it pivots freely from side to side. You then have tweak screws to control tweak/t-bar travel.

Where it attaches to the the motor pod acts a pivot for the fore/aft movement.

What all this means is, is that the rear pod now "free floats", and all the suspension damping/action is now controlled 100% by the rear suspension, instead of being influenced by the T-Bar.

2011.04.22, 11:09 PM
You can use the twea/t-bar travel screws as well as the tension screw to adjust lateral stiffness/roll if you plan to only use a Disc Damper system rather than a tri shock...