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2010.11.29, 12:11 PM
What dates are we racing?

I heard a mention of doing things around the Holiday on the 24th instead of 25th since Christmas falls on a Saturday. I don't think the 31st instead of January 1st is really a great idea considering that the night of the 31st is generally when the festivities happen...

Maybe we can just do back to back weeks before the holidays? I would be late on the 24th myself and I always party with friends on the 31st so neither date is good for me, though I would show up on the 24th.. just late.

2010.12.01, 03:42 PM
I'm tied up around the end of the month, certainly the 24th, probably into the new year I'll be back home with family and chilling with an old friend I only see a couple times a year.

Don't bump me out of races twice in a row after I bought my stuff ;_;

2010.12.01, 08:28 PM
Deca, what dates work for you?

I think Dec 11th is still a possibility. Maybe even Dec 18th. That's the same week as the Washtenaw races but not all of us go to those.

Everyone chime in so we can figure this out (hopefully sooner than later).


2010.12.01, 09:01 PM
11th and 18th both work for me. I haven't determined exactly when I'll be taking off for the holidays but it'll probably be around the 21st or so.

2010.12.01, 10:32 PM
not work for me: 4th, 11th, 27th may be
will work:18th, 24th, 25th.

2010.12.01, 10:47 PM
4th good.
11th okay, not the best day but I can make it.
18th good.
24th would be late but can make it around 9 pm probably.
25th... Christmas obviously but if we did want to run I could do it.
26th, 27th good.
31st bad.

That about sums it up.

2010.12.02, 12:22 PM
From people who have posted it sounds like Dec 18th is a good Saturday date. (Jerry posted in the other thread that 11th was bad)

And it also sounds like Monday Dec 27th may also be good.


2010.12.02, 12:32 PM
And will we be participating in HFAY BTE #5 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35365)?

If so we'll have to start reading up on the rules again and make sure our cars are HFAY spec.



2010.12.02, 11:17 PM
The 11th just opened up for me. the 18th is a maybe. and yes any day the week after xmas is ok for me.

2010.12.04, 09:10 PM
D just confirmed the 11th. I'll post the official thread.

The other date (maybe Monday Dec 27th) is still being determined.


2010.12.07, 01:16 PM
Well I'll be there for the 11th. Turns out I'm free the 27th if that ends up being another race as well. Just planning to be out of town the week leading up to xmas and maybe a few days after new years at this point.

Looking forward to finally getting out on the track :)