View Full Version : Eurus vs helios

2010.12.05, 08:17 AM
Hello everyone...found that the Eurus with 902 steering respond is unbelievable:eek:,cant compare with the helios IMO,are u guys using this controller?I'm not having this radio yet but I just have a few laps on this radio that belongs to my gang:D...FYI,im using helios

2010.12.05, 11:58 AM
What i like about it from my Helios, is it feels the same with faster responce and a nicer/faster menue options.

2010.12.05, 02:01 PM
my good friend (Joey) said it the best.....
The Eurus is the Helios on Steroids....:cool:

2010.12.05, 02:54 PM
The reaction/response speed history with Mini-Z has been interesting. The first time I had a friend of mine swap-in an AD-Band PCB into my AWD, that was the first time I really was looking for increased response speed. I read somewhere around 5 years ago that someone who ran AD-Band in their own AWD said about their AD-AWD, "It's almost telepathic".

Then 2.4 ASF cam out in Feb 2008. The response speed was insane compared to even AD-Band. I remember I couldn't use the KT-18 Tx because the response speed was too fast and the KT-18 steering wheel didn't have the tension I needed to drive and to handle the increased speed in response.

Then the MR03 RA-22 board arrived with the new servo gear ratio and coreless servo motor.

Now we have the Eurus and the 902SM module, which is EVEN faster?! How much faster can the response get?!:D I am sticking with the Helios/EX-1UR I Have for right now... I can't handle the response speed as-is. :o

Keep up the great work KoPropo and Kyosho. I think it's great how Mini-Z tech keeps getting better, always pushing the envelope.