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2002.07.18, 01:55 AM
I know someone has probably already posted something about this, but the readers rides thing is a bit limited! I think there should be a thread or option where there are only pics of members cars so others can get ideas for thiers.

2002.07.18, 10:35 AM
doctor46, not only is it a great idea, but we're currently working on it. We're testing it out on our sister site, take a look at http://tinyrc.com/gallery - this is what we'll be using here too.

2002.07.18, 02:13 PM
minizworld have a VERY similar setup....

2002.07.18, 07:14 PM
the one on tinyrc.com is what im talking about and it's very cool btw.... it would be an awesome addition to an already amazing site