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unearthed name
2010.12.06, 12:32 AM
hi guys. my name is Albert, from Jakarta, indonesia.

this is my formal introduction to this forum.

this is my car, an mr-03


and this is the video of our mini-z club. we're planning to expand the track to be about 8 meters in length.


2010.12.06, 12:50 AM
cool... welcome to the forums...
where exactly in jakarta is your track located?

unearthed name
2010.12.06, 01:04 AM
it's in a shopping mall called ITC permata hijau.

you can check the local hobby shop web in this address: www.tokorc.com

2010.12.16, 04:12 PM
Hi Albert - welcome to the forums! :)

2011.04.02, 02:00 AM
Hi Albert, welcome among us.

Why you have still the hydrolic dumper? Is it necessary? In France we just keep the friction one.
Then, what is your motor? :)

unearthed name
2011.04.02, 08:53 PM
no it's not necessary. i already took it off.

i use atomic stock r for practice, but we race only using x-speed