View Full Version : Hot sticky gooey tires & no grip?

2010.12.06, 10:32 AM
What's up with my Kyosho 20 degree Radials? I have 2 sets, 50% worn, and grip is completely gone :confused:

Needless to say the tread has disappeared, but after a few laps tires they're warm to the touch, sticky, and even blister, but very pushy. I even tried sanding them they stay warm and googy but no improvement.

Brand new these tires were great, now not so much. Anyone have ideas?

2010.12.06, 10:43 AM
You've got a condition called graining where the grip goes when they overheat.

When the tread of the radials goes you won't get the same level of grip unfortunately.

2010.12.06, 11:10 AM
thanks cowboysir, is there a fix? if not I'll relegate them to fun tires on a slower car like a 015 90mm 0n, since it's top heavy I'll get some grip back.

2010.12.07, 03:21 PM
do you need to run such a soft tyre? what are you running on?

2010.12.07, 05:03 PM
Narrow Kyosho 20's are very easy to overload and generally putting them on the front will heat them up WAY too much for RCP usage. I've done the same thing, putting 20 slicks up front gave my MRCG incredible front grip (too much usually) for 15-20 laps and then would start to push. The tires are too sensitive to be consistent, a better idea is to move to Kyosho 30 radials or other branded tires.