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2010.12.06, 01:11 PM
Hi Forum,

My name is bill, and i am an autoscale-aholic. :D

I'm new to mini-z and r/c in general. I have mainly been collecting autoscales, as some from this forum have gotten to know me.

I have a bunch of autoscales, but none that are really rare. I have a double wide L rcp track set up in my basement, and two chassis'.

I've just started tinkering with the chassis' and have already run into problems. :o

My chassis came with the porsche 911 GT1 body. I decided i wanted to build a complete PN race car. I've been working on the rear end so far, so i have purchased the 94mm motor mount (MR2996), Disc Damper Set (MR2061), and ceramic ball diff (MR2049). (among other things too, such as bearings, t-plates, high force t-plate mount, and new pn motor.)

I put it all together, following the instructions, and when i went to put the body back on, i realize the wheelbase is too long now. I've always thought the porsche gt1 was 94mm, but turns out it is only 90mm? so i went to try another body, the advan supra, which i thought for sure was 94mm, but doesnt fit either. the wheelbase is still too long.

if i want to use these bodys, do i just have to get a 90mm plate for the motor mount?

i hope this makes sense. i could take pictures of that would help.

Thanks in advance for any advice! maybe i should stick to collecting bodys :p

Bill from Canada

2010.12.06, 02:06 PM
I have built the motor mount exactly the same as this picture:


I realize now that my set up before was a RM, and if im not mistaken, this will now have made it a MM?

Is this why the body will no longer fit?


2010.12.06, 02:35 PM
u need these parts then u can make 90mm rm

2010.12.06, 02:51 PM
Thank you Yasuji,

Someone else has informed me that both the Porsche GT1 and Advan Supra ARE 94mm. So my setup should fit?

Can anyone confirm that the gt1 and supra are 94mm first? then we'll look at the setup?


2010.12.06, 03:36 PM
sorry, having problems posting pictures

2010.12.06, 04:06 PM
Porsche GT-1 is 90mm. Supra is 94mm

2010.12.07, 08:19 AM
Here are pictures of the rear end as built so far. Neither the porsche gt1 or the advan supra fit. To be honest, the supra seems to be the same size as the porsche. when i line the bodies up, the wheel wells seem to be in the same location front and back.





2010.12.07, 08:44 AM
hmmmm is that a rm t plate..... looks long!
also looks like the dds is in the 98mm position....
looks like u r @ 98 mm

2010.12.07, 09:16 AM
Yes Yasuji, you are right. I think it is set up for 98mm, because i tested my astin martin dbr9 body, and it fits proper.

I dont know how this happened? I thought if my motor mount was 94mm, everthing else would match up to 94mm.

I guess i have to decide which wheel base i want to set up. Keep it at 98mm? change back to 94mm (which is what i was planning since i like the supra bodys), or change to 90mm since i have the porsche body as well.

what wheelbase would you recommend? 90/94/98?

2010.12.07, 09:21 AM
after looking at all the bodys again, i think i'm leaning towards the 94mm. all the nsx bodies, ferraris, 350z's, skylines, supras.

seems like more variety with body choices.

so how do i shave off 4mm? change the setting on the dds, and get a shorter t-plate?

2010.12.07, 10:08 AM
that is all you need to do!...get the mm tplate and move the dds plate to the forward position and u r set!