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2010.12.06, 06:01 PM
Whatsup guys, so this is sort of along the lines of models, but I love being able to drive my model cars if you catch my drift. :D Well I got into 1/10th scale RC drifting a few months back, ordered a brand new $90 dollar Yokomo S13 Onevia body and bashed the crap out of it. Now its time for a revival. I used crappy parma paint and as soon as my friend got a second drift car, my pride and joy of a body got trashed. Ive been notorious for paiting lexan on the outside even though you arent supposed to, so thats what the new plan is. Hopefully youll follow along and leave lots of comments! :mrgreen:

First, heres a few pics from back in her unbashed glory:
^Terrible stance I know! Well the front has been increased 3mm, and so has the rear, so the new set of Emotion XC8's I have on the way will be 6mm fronts and 9mm rears :D. Also the blast pipes were just a prototype aluminum piece, not the titanium ones I have now.

Next fast forward a few months, and here she is, so beat up :( :

And the new stance up front (new wheels and tires have not arrived yet):
^Baller haha

And now the start of the pop up headlights:

2010.12.06, 06:02 PM
^I think onevias look so much sexier when their headlights are up.

And now my personal favorite part, the spoiler. The Yokomo kits come with a huge spoiler, and thats not my style, I like the clean wangan look more. so here it is, a cookie to who can guess which spoiler im replicating!
Oh, and I do have a matching roof spoiler already which will be heller sexy!

Thats it for now, possibly some more updates tonight? We'll see :D
Let me know what yall think, I build off love and hate. Oh and hope this was ok to post.... If not let me know and ill take it down.