View Full Version : PN double a-arm problem

2010.12.08, 05:55 AM

I got myself the PN double a-arm for my 02, installation was easy enough with the online instructions.

My problem is the front wheels: with the lock nuts tight, the wheels have about 2mm slack each. It's like the knuckle rods are way too long. Have i missed something or do i really just need to shim them tight?

2010.12.08, 06:36 AM
The particular lock nuts you have may not be cooperating with the knuckle axles... try a different set if you have another, or just shim them. Shimming will help fine tune the offset and keep the nut from rubbing on the bearings anyways, there's no downside to it. ;)

Alternatively -- I hope you're not missing some wheel bearings? I've done that before, that's the only way I could get 2mm of extra room on the axles...

Davey G
2010.12.08, 08:03 AM
I have not seen this problem but I guess it does exist if your saying so. You can put your metal locknut on reverse, so that the nylon goes in first. I use the cheap plastic wheel nuts on all my cars. The cheap plastic nuts seem to not wear out as fast as the metal ones. Good luck and less us know your findings.

2010.12.08, 08:09 AM
Thanks for the responses!

I tried with a plastic nut and they're fine! I then put back the metal ones and used a bit of elbow grease - voila, all is well! It seems i've just been a bit too careful.

I have to say the a-arm setup looks sweet! I can't wait to get this baby on the track!

2010.12.08, 06:35 PM
Always turn your wheel nuts tight, then back them off a little at a time...spinning wheels as you go.

Most of us can help you on the A-arm to.;)