View Full Version : Changing MR-03 US Spec from stock 94mm to 98mm

2010.12.08, 01:10 PM
Just received my first US Spec MR-03 and I'm getting it setup for a race tonight. All of shells are 98mm but the US Spec kit comes stock with a 94mm wheelbase. I can easily adjust the T-bar under the chassis to lengthen the wheelbase but the damper that comes with the kit doesn't seem to extend beyond the stock length. What's the trick to doing this? I don't see a longer damper in the kit. Do I need to order another part?

http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1918/mr03damper.th.jpg (http://img823.imageshack.us/i/mr03damper.jpg/)

2010.12.08, 01:35 PM
Is that an actual pic of your car? The pic looks like 98mm now (mid mount).
Does it come with the blue aluminum piece connected to the top of the motor mount and bottom of damper in the pic. Changing that will change your wheelbase.
A 94mm wheelbase has a rear mount (stock).

2010.12.08, 01:47 PM
Well, ok - maybe I'm making too many assumptions. Here's how I arrived at those numbers: I have a red Enzo MR-03 chassis/body kit and I was under the impression that it was a 98mm MM chassis. When I put it back to back with the US Spec it is clearly longer. So I assumed that meant the US Spec was 94mm.

I have four US Spec kits and I want to fit the following ASC bodies on them: black Enzo, yellow Murcialago, green Aston Martin DB9, and an orange McLaren. (This is for a thing we're doing at work, btw - these aren't all my cars).

2010.12.08, 02:11 PM
All the bodies you list are 98mm. Put the nose clip on a chassis and try it. The pic is the right wheelbase for all the bodies you list.
If you use the rims that came with the bodies all your wheel offsets will be correct too. You're ready to get the racing going, lol.