View Full Version : unnamed ball diff setup with bearings

2002.07.18, 05:00 AM
I know this has been asked several times but found contradicting anwsers with the search.

I just installed my ball diff and bearings but would like to confirm if it is done correctly. The ball diff was unnamed but is blue anodized (TOPCAD ??)

This is the order I installed them :
Lock nut - plastic bearing - Wheel - ball bearing - piece with hex screw - ball bearing in motor housing - ball bearing in motor housing - metal spacer - ball diff with nut - ball bearing - wheel - plastic bearing - lock nut

Is this correct ?

ps the plastic bearing on the outside of the wheel where originally installed in the motorhousing. I had to use these since the normal ones do not fit.

2002.07.18, 05:10 AM
Sounds ok to me. I have a TOPCAD diff.

Are you having problems with it?

2002.07.18, 05:11 AM
I haven't been able to test it yet since I'm at work now. I'll give it a go when I'm home.

2002.07.22, 04:48 AM
u need 2 ball bearings in the wheel on the right side where the spur gear is

2002.07.22, 05:46 AM
Yep, just installed it that way

Thanks everybody