View Full Version : Setup for Nascar MR015 for road racing

2010.12.09, 04:08 PM
I was hoping to get some help with what to run on my Nascar MR015 chassis. Its bone stock right now. I think it might have softer than stock tires all around as they seem pretty grippy. I will be installing a 2.4 asf board in it and a set of bearings so other than that it is all stock. I will be racing on RCP like any other on road mini-z, not in an oval type nascar track. So I'm looking for a setup that will work good for that.

My questions are:

1. What motor mount? It seems that the cool PN nascar mount will work fine and its pretty cheap. It looks designed to put more weight on the left but in the pictures it looks like the motor is pretty centered.

2. Damper Plate? Seems like a good idea.

3. What knuckles? I was thinking some aluminum ones since I dont want to break a knuckle and not have a spare. Should I use 0 or 1 degree?

4. Diff? I have an older light weight PN with 64 pitch gears that I could use.

5. Tires? Like I said i have whats on there, but using regular rims with RCP type tires would be easier. Whats the offset?

6. Anything else?

I guess what I'm asking for is what would be a good onroad setup to use for racing this car. I'm thinking motor will be stock or 70 turn ish. Thanks in advance for some help.

2010.12.09, 04:40 PM
Here is what I recommend. I have driven quite a bit of Nascar, Oval and Road.

EMU tower bar conversion to MR02 width (available at the shop here or ReflexRacing) This will make the car more stable entering the corners, and traction roll less. You will also need an MR02 tie rod.

LM 30d front tires on PN 18mm wheels. If you have a truer, true them down a little, if not just turn a bunch of laps to get them to wear flat.
20d radial rears on +1 20mm wheel
2d knuckles
White springs

I would definitely recommend a tri-shock, possibly gimbal mount. The Reflex tri-damper would need to be modified to fit the PN FMv4 mount to run at 102mm.