View Full Version : Mini-ZRacer.com December 2010 Forum Poll

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.12.10, 03:09 PM
For the December MZR Forum Poll we're asking about your battery preference. Having the right batteries that won't fail you on track can mean all the difference between making to the checkered flag or not!

So, which batteries do you depend on to take you the full race distance?

2010.12.10, 03:47 PM
R-1, Team Scream, and TRPs. All good batteries.

2010.12.10, 03:49 PM

For me the batteries I use are mainly team orion 900, GP 1000 and TRP 900.

The orion for "everyday" use.
The GP 1000 when I need to have a more consistant car.
And the TRP when I need more push (mainly for stock).

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.12.15, 07:59 AM
Anyone else have a battery preference out there? :)