View Full Version : Best way to glue mirrors back on?

2010.12.10, 03:57 PM
We had a few mirror casualties when we handed the cars over to the kids on Wed night. Also lost a tail pipe. For future big event races we'll be bringing some Losi Micro Rally cars for the kids to play with. :cool:

What's the best way to glue them back on?

2010.12.10, 10:16 PM
Kids racing them?... the best way may be not to glue them back on at all! They will just keep snapping off anyways. Best to keep them all in a little container and if you really feel the need to keep one of the already ran Autoscales as a show queen... glue them back on then.

Otherwise, ZapGap works well... forget which type though.

Good luck!

2010.12.10, 11:08 PM
mirrors are temporary at best :) just keep a zip lock bag handy for the loose bits that get knocked off in normal use. i keep mine sorted by autoscale and labeled most of the time.

2010.12.12, 09:31 PM
mirrors... who needs mirrors when you're smokin the field... lol.. j/k...

keep em off... as mentioned... they tend to snap off when you glue them back on...

if you're too particular about them, some bodies have rubber side mirrors that bend... so this minimizes them snapping off... or you can take them off while you race... and put them back in after the race... (you'll be more aerodynamic too... :D)

older bodies have side mirrors molded onto them... so once they snap off... that's it... unless you glue them...

hope this helps... :D