View Full Version : What wheel offset do I need to run an Enzo body on an MA-010 DWS chassis?

2010.12.10, 06:49 PM
Would it be the same as the offset for an MR-03 chassis? I believe it's +3 front/+1 rear for the Enzo on my MR-03.


2010.12.11, 02:13 AM
Narrow MR-03 MM/RM/HM equals MA-010 in terms of wheel offsets.
I hope this helps :)

2010.12.11, 02:17 AM
On the MR03 it would be 3mm rear with 1mm front. On the MA010 I would use 2.5mm front with 2mm rears. But 3mm can fit, but I feel that it makes it a little more sluggish, and is more protected by the body at 2mm. With 3.5mm fronts (the equivalent of 1mm front on the MR03W or MR02), there is more distance from the tire to the kingpin, so there will be more clearance issues.

2010.12.15, 07:50 AM
Good guess EMU, I ran 2.5mm fronts, 2mm rears at the Garden State Shootout on my (borrowed :)) MA010 w/ Enzo + DWS.