View Full Version : Surprise Visit + New Goodies

2010.12.11, 11:59 AM
We were surprise by our special guest visit today. And at the same time we all manage to get a sneak preview of some of the goodies:)

We also manage to lay our hands on the new tiki tiki with a blinker: )

Just to share.......

2010.12.11, 01:28 PM
the new ferrari looks great, can't wait to get one.

is that a chrome plated chassis on that ferrari? (picture #3)

2010.12.12, 09:21 PM
hmm... those guys look like official reps from kyosho japan... or i may be mistaken...
looks like some of the guys who post on the kyosho blogs...

any initial reviews on the tiki tiki car? how does the ferrari and abarth run?
did they bring a lambo sv?

thanks for any info... :D

2010.12.14, 04:40 AM
hmm seems like i'm correct...

kyosho blog 12/13 (http://ameblo.jp/kyoshoblog/entry-10736166973.html)

from the blog, it looks like that the kyosho reps went to h.k. too... :D