View Full Version : First Carbon Axle for Ball Diffs. 0,92g

2010.12.15, 03:44 AM
Hey all of you!
I've seen today on ebay a new product from a brand called jomurema, which is the first carbon axle for ball diffs MR-01 up to MR-03!

It weighs only 0,92g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Search for 'Mini-Z'

Good luck for the auction!:)

Davey G
2010.12.15, 09:43 AM
Is this for real? I cant find it in Ebay or Google???

2010.12.15, 10:56 AM
Doubt it. Couldn't find it either.

2010.12.15, 11:41 AM
item # 300505291557

Good promo, I'm bidding on the first listed auction. lol

2010.12.15, 06:03 PM
Looks interesting, but the 3-piece construction doesn't inspire any confidence in me. Will wait for better pics. :)

2010.12.15, 06:50 PM
Doubt it. Couldn't find it either.

I stand corrected. Good looking shaft!

2010.12.15, 08:13 PM
does anyone else think that it would be a side to side weight imbalance more noticable than a standard lightweight diff shaft? Would that weight imbalance create a rotational force that would affect the rear wheels?

2010.12.16, 12:03 AM
There would be more mass on the right side of the car, but rotationally, all of the mass of the shaft is connected to the left wheel. Less mass on the shaft should actually balance the rotational inertia a little more. With a tri-shock you can adjust for the tweak (less mass on the left side of the pod) so this is less of an issue than with a DDS.

What I worry about is flex in the carbon section of the shaft, or the joints becoming a failure point. I do want to try this shaft though...

2011.01.07, 06:52 PM
Anyone try this baby out yet?:eek:

2011.01.09, 03:19 PM
I'm not a pro driver and may not notice the weight savings but, If it's durability to be tested, I'm the guy to test it.:)

I received one and it is machined well. I tried to pull it apart by putting wheel nuts on each side and pulling with pliers and it won't fail at the joint. It has flex by hand but, spins true when installed.
I will run it on Friday for a true test.
Some pics:





This may be not be a big deal to anyone else but, they tapered the area of the thread before machining as seen in the pic below. Usually I use a washer between the bearing and where the thread starts but, that isn't needed.


Do you know how hard it was to not type 'shaft' 20 times sounding like a perv. :D

2011.01.17, 05:16 PM
I just had to buy it when I found it on ebay.
Click the pics or here for full review. (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/01/jomurema-carbon-diff-axle.html)

http://lh3.ggpht.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/TTTMdHXesxI/AAAAAAAAC9Y/i9tnHYFL_Pg/IMG_76241.JPG (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/01/jomurema-carbon-diff-axle.html)
http://lh6.ggpht.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/TTTMdTjUGDI/AAAAAAAAC9c/lmvwK86hFrM/IMG_76151.JPG (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/01/jomurema-carbon-diff-axle.html)
Everything looks really well put together.
It fits perfect with the RR spur and QteQ diff parts.
This differential now weighs in at 4,7 grams!
http://lh6.ggpht.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/TTTMdWAAIhI/AAAAAAAAC9g/yKMMMAth_OI/IMG_76141.JPG (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/01/jomurema-carbon-diff-axle.html)

Initial track testing looks really promising. It looks a bit skinny, but seems to hold up really well.
The joints and the fact that the axle can flex a bit are a bit of a worry, but its doing great so far.
http://lh6.ggpht.com/_2uRHE7AV3zs/TTTMd9jKkWI/AAAAAAAAC9o/h7LC7bvlcL0/IMG_76101.JPG (http://www.mini-znorway.com/2011/01/jomurema-carbon-diff-axle.html)

2011.01.20, 06:32 AM
A little followup!

I have taken this shaft trough extensive testing in my mod car, and it still has not failed on me.
The aluminium parts are of the same alloy as the PN lightweight shaft, so I think these will hold up just fine. The glue used in fastening tha alu pieces to the carbon shaft must be extremely strong:eek:
I will use it again at racenight tonight, and am quite sure it will hold up well.

How are the experience from you others who have tried it?

The fact that the diff now can be as light as 4,5 grams does a lot regarding punch and drag brake:D

2011.01.20, 02:44 PM
Durability is not an issue. I have close to 4 hours of run time on it and had a couple really hard hits without any issues. As I expected, it's not a magic wand and my driving still sucks, lol.