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2010.12.15, 03:25 PM
So I finally got to run my first Mini Z last weekend. Had a good time with it, got all initial setup issues sorted, everyone was very helpful in getting everything up and running. So far I have swapped the stock diff for a grease filled stock diff, and worked out my tires. I'm still having understeer issues and enough body roll that the car rolled itself a couple times, so I'm ready to start looking at suspension upgrades.

I was just hoping to get some general input and opinions here from anyone willing to give them. I was thinking I could just loosen the front suspension to improve my steering response, but that's probably going to make body roll even more of an issue so I probably want to tighten up the rear a bit as well. I'm pretty interested in the tri-damper system because...well it looks amazingly cool, but honestly I don't know much about it or how much it costs. I don't really know how involved setting up camber is on these things, but that seems like a possible solution to improve turn-in as well.

I'm running an RM, Arta NSX body. I enjoy the handling characteristics of the RM and would like to stick with it for the time being.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

2010.12.15, 04:12 PM
In general, Camber will reduce turn in, but will give more grip once the car has loaded the suspension and tires. I set camber to wear the tire evenly, not adjust how the car is driving.

There are no available tri-shocks for RM currently. ATM had one, but it has long been discontinued since MM is where all the development has been lately.

The NSX has push in general, and combined with the RM configuration, it will be a pushy car.

If you want to improve turn in, try a softer front spring. ATM makes a couple different spring sets; super soft, soft, med, hard... I like the harder super soft and softer soft springs. You may also want to consider more toe out, but in general I dont like adjusting toe much.

I think you will want to stiffen up the t-plate, when I used to drive RM, I liked the stiff Kyosho ones... but that was on an MR02. With the MR03, you may like the PN t-plates, black carbon #5 may be a good one to start with. If its too stiff, go to 4. The PN plates have a lot of front/back stiffness, so you dont need to use a stiff top shock spring.

As for a damper setup, I recommend that you try the newer 3Racing DPS set. It can be used in RM or MM configuration with almost any motormount. If you cant find it, you can try the ATM RM conversion with most 94mm damper plate systems.

2010.12.15, 05:32 PM
Thanks for the advice.

I've been told the motor mount is one of the first things I'll want to upgrade...what are your opinions? Also, will changing my motor mount affect the handling of the car noticeably (provided I stay with an RM) ? They look slightly heavier than stock.

What about motors? I understand I'm allowed to upgrade to an...I think it was PN...60 turn (?) and still stay in the same class. How noticeable a difference is it going to be/is this basically a mandatory upgrade to be competitive?

2010.12.15, 06:16 PM
If you change your motormount to a PN or ATM RM mount, you will have to use the PN 70t (there is no 60t), or a different motor that uses a drilled motor can, since that is how it connects to the mount. There are alloy versions of the stock mount, but they are very heavy, and I do not recommend them. In general, the PN or ATM RM mounts would be the ones to look into getting. Both are lighter than the stock plastic mounts, and offer better CG and better cooling for the motor as well.

unearthed name
2010.12.15, 09:19 PM
buy a damper plate system and ball diff IMO. DPS to prevent your body roll so you can use softer front spring, ball diff so you can fine tune your rear tire traction more.